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Zeyn is Back for a Second Round

Trip Report:

Zeyn had fished with us back in October and vowed to do another trip after he had a taste of fishing for the Andaman GTs. This time, he had put together a group of South Africans who were all fishing addicts. However, apart from Zeyn, all of them were on their first GT trip. They had only heard and read what GT fishing was all about and wanted to get a first-hand experience. Zeyn had made sure they were fully kitted out for their trip, with a selection of Ripple Fisher popping rods and an array of Shimano Stella reels. For jigging they were equipped with Yamaga Blanks Galahad rods and Shimano Talica reels. The thing is, as almost always happens, these newbie groups get so taken up with the topwater action that our Andaman GTs provide that we hardly do any jigging for the full trip.

We could not have asked for a better start to the trip for the group, as we quickly ran into a GT feeding frenzy. Almost every cast was being followed or hit and at one point we had all the clients on fish more than once. If you wanted to quickly get used to what GT fishing strikes can be like, then this was a perfect opportunity. Moving from one spot to another, the action continued, albeit not with the same intensity of a feeding frenzy. Coming up to one spot, as we started the drift, Ahmed who was fishing from the back of the boat had a take from a fish that at best looked in the 20-kilo range. Knowing that this size fish can be feisty, we were not surprised when Ahmed said the fish was putting some hurt on him. But then the fish took off with far too much power for a 20-kilo fish and after a proper battle we put on deck a GT of 135 cm and 51 kilos on the scales. What an achievement for a 66-year old angler!

Accurate casting plays a big part in getting the lure into the right place at the right time. Given that Giant Trevally are also ambush predators the angler who can put a lure into the right spot accurately will get onto more fish than anglers who blind cast. This was the case again when an accurately cast Gamma 140 landed in the right zone, next to a rock formation. A few twitches and there was an explosion on the lure, setting the hook as the fish ran in an arc from shallow to deeper water which effectively meant that if the tackle held up the GT would be boated, and it did, much to everyone’s delight and Hanif had put another 44-kilo weighed GT on board.

With the GTs having done their part for the trip, we decided to jig and managed to get multiple small dogtooth tuna, but the guys wanted more popping action, so I guess that we will be seeing them back again in the not-too-distant future for the next round.

Till our next report,
Tight lines,
Team GFA

Tackle Used

Popping Rods: Ripple Fisher
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella 14000, 18000
Popping Lures: Patriot Design, Carpenter Gamma, HammerHead, Hots Keiko, Heru GT Mania, FCL Labo TBO,

Jigging Rods: Yamaga blanks Galahad
Jigging Reels: Shimano Talica
Jigs: Shout, Seven Seas

Species Landed: Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda, Bluefin Trevally, Bohar Snapper

End of Season 2018-19 Trip - Gallery