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Kicking off the new year with some family fun

Trip Report:

This trip was what we call a miracle in the happening. A delayed flight resulting in a missed connecting flight, problems with immigration AND, to top it all off, a cyclone to upset all your plans!! But, as they say, there is a silver lining to all black clouds and this trip certainly defined it.

It was a bit of a wild-and-woolly the first week of January, with Cyclone Pabuk giving the Andaman Archipelago a shake-up. The best news to come out of it was the absence of fatalities, and that property damage from the cyclone was relatively less.

For those of us who have done our time in the Bay of Bengal region, it was much the same as any other decent-sized cyclone, but for the first-timers it was a bit scary.

The hot windless days after the cyclone are prime to get out and chase GT’s and other great ones. Some good reports had also come in of big large-mouth nannies and quicksilver Doggie’s at a few of the regular spots, while grouper and trout were also on the menu. GT’s and Dogtooth Tuna were both on the chew; to them every day is a work day and these little events only make them more eager to find a feed.

After rescheduling their tickets to get some fishing in after Pabuk disrupted their planned fishing days, the Mason Law family from Singapore were down a day of fishing but raring to go. They caught quite a number of fish down the passage, around several reefs and drop offs which were producing some fine catch. A combination of different lures and a mix of popping & jigging did the trick to get the fish interested and take bait.

On the last day of their now condensed three-day trip, Mason Sr cast his line, hesitated and then… bang! A mighty GT broke the surface of the water in a whoosh of spray and there was an explosion of sound as his reel (Shimano Stella SW18000) burst into song, the rod (Temple Reef Reefer) arched and Capt. Rama whooped. The others looked on incredulously, as his first fish in 25 kg class fought in a manner that those who are used to catching a 1 to 1.5 stone fish at spots in Malaysia can only dream of. Long searing runs and Trevallysque acrobatics with a lot of pulling power gave somewhat of a workout to the angler before he managed to reel it in. The expression & exhilaration of catching their biggest and setting a personal best cannot be put into words and only the pics below can do justice to it.

This season again promises to be a top one, with the wind and temperatures in sync to get the fish biting. So tune in to gamefishingasia.com for more GT action in the Andamans.

Till then keep casting and tight lines,
GFA Team.

Tackle Used

Popping Rods: Ripple Fisher GT78 Flex, 79 UGH, Carpenter Endless Passion 82/38, Ripple Fisher RJig PE5, Zenaq Tobizo TC80-200G, Golden Mean CrossBow, Temple Reef Reefer, FCL UCM 81EXT
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella 20000, 8000, 14000, Shimano TW 8000 & 6000

Jigging Rods: Major Craft Solparalj Daiwa Monster Mesh, Sab Polo, Zen Zeean, Zenaq Fokee Tuna
Jigging Reels: Sustain 4000XG, Stradic 3000, Daiwa 2500, Maxel Sealion 06,

Species Landed: Giant Trevally, Red Bass

End of Season 2018-19 Trip - Gallery