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Fishing Eventur with Matt

Trip Report:

Pictures from a fantastic trip we had fishing with our agency from Poland, Eventur.

The main aim of the team was to catch GT on popper and try catch as many fish as they could on surface lures. Conditions were great during the trip but we did have the weather pick up during our trip. Once the weather settled again the fish were on the feed and we had some spectacular results. For most fishermen it was a first time GT popping trip and they were amazed at how hard these fish pulled.

Above a couple of the largest GT we caught on the trip on popper. Thankfully these fish were stopped before they could nead down into the reef and bust the Pe.8 we were using.

It was a week when the Dog Tooth Tuna were also up on the surface and were taking poppers and stick-baits. However poppers out fished stick-baits this week when it came to the Dog Tooth Tuna. Brighter colours seemed to work better as well.

Working the shallows was always an interesting time as we had many a coral trout and grouper. The red bass were also not so far behind.

Turtle rescue! Every now and again we come across a bit of floating net that has a poor turtle entangled in it. This young turtle was cut free and released. Thankfully it was in pretty good shape.

More surface caught Dog Tooth Tuna. We’ve got the group visiting us again next year and we are sure of a great week of fishing. We probably will again focus on a week of popper fishing again.

To be a part of a similar fishing trip write us a quick email at info@gamefishingindia.com and we’ll let you know your options. You however will have to be quick as we’re almost sold out for our 2014-2015 season!

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