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Faisal’s Good Luck Continues

Trip Report:

On his first trip here to the Andamans Faisal landed a 40 plus kilo GT, was spoiled rotten by the whole experience and has been wanting to come back ever since. It’s been four years since then, and this time he had three buddies with him to share this new experience. At that time he had fished with Rama on another charter and now that Rama had joined our forces Faisal insisted he wanted the lucky captain to guide him and we obliged. It would be Reef Raider carrying the enthusiastic anglers to our famous monster grounds and it was time to see if they were prepared for the action that was about to unfold. The next six days had good tides and great weather and a guesthouse full of anglers from different parts of the world with a common passion.

While the tackle was being set up we briefed our guests about the areas they were going to fish. Since three of our boats were going to be fishing at the same time we wanted them all to have an equal opportunity in these fishing grounds. Fishing in Oman is quite different from fishing here in the Andamans and with this trip having been finalized almost a year ago, the anticipation ran high in their blood. Kick off was scheduled for six thirty a.m. and day one of their trip was underway. Just to remind the guys what they were dealing with, we had a monster open the trebles on one of the poppers and that too a treble hook that came highly recommended. Apart from over half a dozen Giant Trevally that were landed, another brute managed to drag them for a bit before getting rid of the hook. The dogtooth were around and they landed one, along with three barracuda, to have a great warm up for bigger things to follow. The day’s largest Giant Trevally was not a real giant but a great 25 kilo fighter.

Over the following few days the action came in waves. For Faisal, it was the experience of being reefed by two massive dogtooth tuna and then hooking into a shark with almost the same fate. The incredible experience of casting over a reef and getting slammed by a really big Giant Trevally in just five metres of water and putting in everything it takes to keep the fish away from the rocks deserves some credit. Forty minutes out of the harbour they came across a bait school and all the poppers that were cast out were followed but the one to get taken first was the FCL Labo sinking stick bait, on just the second sweep, by a great GT over 30 kilo. A great way to begin the morning. It continued with a feeding frenzy of Snapper and Giant Trevally, resulting in twelve fish in twenty minutes, with multiple hook-ups and all anglers latching on to fish. On one occasion, three out of the four were landed and on the second it was a 100% hook-up. What seemed to excite the fish was the turmoil created by four poppers landing at the same time and chugging alongside each other, making the school of fish below them react in a pleasantly unruly manner!

Ismail got taken by a big dogtooth tuna that broke the surface to grab the popper and run like a train in forty metres of water and yet managed to bust the 130lb mainline. The boys were treated to yet another sight when a nice big geet raced up to a popper and hammered it like there was no tomorrow. This is what makes most anglers get addicted to popping. It’s all about the take, the explosive take and the feel of a monster running against an almost locked down drag. This group from Oman had everything we had to offer in terms of fishing and it was great to listen to them narrate their encounters. Team Gamefishing Asia felt good to deliver to our customers yet again. See you soon with our next report and tight lines until then.

Tackle Used

Rods: Hots, Black Hole, MC Works, Ripple Fisher and Smith
Reels: Shimano Stella
Lures: Amegari Dzanga, Kaimitsu, Sirens, Patriot Design

Species Landed: Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Golden Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Bohar Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Green Jobfish and Shark

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