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Biggest GT of The Season So Far

GT Mayhem in the Andamans

Fishing days 19 to 22 Feb 2020

With all the boats booked for our Japanese agency this week, we had a team with Japanese lure maker Muraoka Masanori San from Blue Blue lures to test out new lures. In this group we had Takata San and Oda San who had fished with us before and giving the Andaman Islands another round. This team would be fishing on the two bigger boats, the Rampage and the Reef Raider, and were accompanied by Yamada San. On the 32 ft Tropical Star we had Japanese anglers led by Omagari San and our new Skipper Manoj guiding the team for the first time in the Islands.

The plan was set so that with three boats running, we would work the region with all the boats fishing different areas and spots to maximize our results for the groups. With the first day looking good enough to get out to the further spots, we made a run for it and it paid off! We had a great day on the water with Takata San using the new Carpenter Bluefish 160, he had a big bite on which he set the hooks. We knew this fish was big, but it just kept fighting and fighting, nearly forcing Takata San to give in. He held on with moral support and finally landed and awesome 42 kilo GT that was foul hooked, which proved why the fight was so insane. Masanori San was unlucky when his big GT decided to run under the boat, and before we could maneuver to get him into a better position, it bust off. Meanwhile, Shozo San on the Tropical with Manoj, landed a nice fish that was just under the 40 kg mark.

Over the next days the winds picked up again, and fortunately fish were still on the feed. Oda San had a big bite on the Shimano Wild Response Stick-bait and fought the fish all the way to the boat. This was another big fish over 40 kilos, and we gave him the best possible fighting position to land it. Just as we got to see the fish, it turned and cut through his leader with the tail flukes to everyone’s massive disappointment.

On one fishing day we had real slow action as the fish suddenly and completely went off the feed. The wind against tide conditions made it hard for us to drift correctly, and for the anglers to work the lures. In conditions like these there is not much anyone can do except keep casting.

Being in the right place at the right time makes all difference, and this Manoj managed as he put Omagari San onto a huge fish on stick-bait. After a great fight we had on board the biggest GT of our season so far – a 143 cm x 117 cm beast that weighed 53 kilos!  Huge kudos to Omagari San for this fish. This group was unlucky in that they had more than a few bust offs on large fish, and even a well hooked Sailfish managed to break the line and was lost.

On the last day the bite picked up again and we had plenty of action with the GT’s, including double and triple hook-ups multiple times. Oda San and Hasegawa San had a super double with two GT’s, both in the 25 kilo range. All the anglers managed to reel in good fish and Masanori San from Blue Blue lures was extremely happy with the way his lures worked and raised fish in most conditions. He even gave us a few to try out, which we are looking forward to doing very soon!

Till our next trip report enjoy the pictures…

Tight Lines!


Rods Popping:
Shimano Ocea, Souls Super S711XX, Carpenter CV 79/40, Passions Spenser 80XH, Ripple fisher Aquila EX83-6, Carpenter CV 79/35, Zenaq Tobizo TC83-150, Ripple Fisher Ocean Ridge, Ripple Fisher F-Stick GT80 Reversal, Carpenter Blue Chaser 80/40, Tailwalk Kuroshio 82HH, MC Works Explosion 818XX, Daiwa Salitga AP-C80HS, Daiwa Catalina HVF, Daiwa Saltiga AP-C77MHS, Carpenter Sea Leopard 80/33, Carpenter All rounder 80/36, Daiwa Saltiga AP-C80-8R, Trancendence Monsterfish MF70S, Transcendence LauLau LL834S

Shimano Stella SW14000, SW18000, SW20000, Penn Conflict 800, Penn Slammer III 7500, Daiwa Saltiga 6000 GT, Daiwa Saltiga 6500H

Blue Blue Snecon, Carpenter Bluefish, Carpenter Gamma, Hammer Head G-Cup, Bubble Maker, Maria Loaded, Custom Hand made, Shimano Head Dip, Shimano Wild Response

Species Landed:
Bluefin Trevally, Bohar Snapper, Bludger Trevally, Giant trevally, Barracuda, Dogtooth Tuna