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Alex & Jeremy

Trip Report:

Alex Scott last fished with us in January 2015 and is now completely addicted to popper and jig fishing, Alex was back for a second round to the Andaman Islands with mate Jeremy who has never tried his hand at GT and saltwater popping and jigging

The first day we had to show and coach Jeremy in casting and working the lures so we started off slowly. Alex gave him a FC Labo sinking stickbait to use which required very little working (these FC Labo stickbaits work very well and have been catching lots of fish here) Alex was eager to cast after all the gym work he had put in after his first trip and had the Fisherman Monster travel rod with him. This is the first time I have physically seen the rod and as a travel rod it’s really THE product to have if you can get your hands on it.

The next day we headed to one of our favourite spots which did not disappoint once we located the fish, Alex had two huge fish which smashed his lures only for one to have the hook pull after ripping off at least 50 meters of line and the other to reef him. Such is GT fishing so when you do land a big GT, it is a moment to savour. The variety of species did not disappoint though with twin spot snapper and smaller GTs, sharks and grouper playing ball.

The wind picked up making us fish in the shelter of the lee but this did not turn the bite off. We had very good popper action and Jeremy was suddenly proving to be quite adept at working and hooking fish on the FC Labo stickbait which was actually out-fishing the poppers this time!!!

The last day we had lots of intermittent action with a really nice Coral Trout and a big Barracuda to start the day which we did by avoiding rain showers. The GTs didn’t seem to want to play ball and we had lots of follows and hits with no real hook ups, so we waited for the tide to really start ripping while we experimented with light tackle and had good fun with smaller GT that committed to taking the smaller lures. We decided to look around and as we saw lots of bait schools coming up to the surface, one of the bait schools we saw was really nervous. Alex decided to have a go with his light setup, Jeremy used his old faithful stickbait and after just a few cranks of the reel handles they were both smashed. Alex’s little Biomaster was singing and once Jeremy set the hook he was pulled down to his knees as his fish took off as well, a good fight for both anglers with Alex being taken around the boat and Jeremy having to literally hold on, we saw a 15kg GT of Alex on the light setup and a 30 kilo GT for Jeremy on the Racepoint 200 Saragosa combo, what a way to end the trip a 30 kg GT for a first timer and a 15kg GT on light tackle.

Alex is back in January and Jeremy wants to try Sri Lanka next.

Species caught:

GT, Barracuda, Coral Trout, green jobfish, twin- spot snapper, yellowfin tuna, grey reef shark

Equipment used:

Rods: Fisherman Monster 80 GT, Racepoint 200, Black Hole jigging

Reels: Shimano Stella, Saragosa, Biomaster

Poppers: Cubera, Nomad

Stickbaits: FC Labo

End of Season 2018-19 Trip - Gallery