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How to tie braided line on the spool of a reel

CategoryHow to Videos
Skills tie braided line
SpeakerDarran Davis


The First way that many dealers and anglers use to secure braid on the spool is tape. There are several different types of tape people use that include electrical, masking, and finger tape for fishing. The key is make sure whatever tape you are using is put onto a clean surface and does not retain moisture once wet. Doesn’t matter what reel, if moisture is held within the line, or retained in the tape, the opportunity for corrosion to start is there. First thing we get a piece of tape. We use masking or finger tape which dries quicker on the arbor like the line, being so porous it does not retain water and it is extremely sticky once wrapped upon its self. Once securely on the arbor of the spool, the braid will dig into the tape holding it securely in place. Once the knot is cinched, the braid will be held into place so you can start winding the braid tightly onto the spool.