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Sri Lanka

The Kirinda season started off strong with some great GTs many of which were caught on previously unexplored sections of deep reef. We also had a couple of weeks with an insane Spanish Mackerel bite which kept us entertained. Toward the end of last season Nico found a new jigging area and began mapping it out which paid off this year when the Amberjack moved into the area providing a lucky French group with a lot of action. Unseasonal heavy rainfall in the south of Sri Lanka put a bit of a damper on things midway but the strong ocean current cleared things up fairly quickly and allowed us to get back in the game. Light jigging over the shallow reefs again proved to be a lot of fun with a plethora of species taken using this technique.
We are all excited to be heading into the second half of the season in Kirinda. The weather forecast looks promising and we’re looking forward to exploring a few new fishing opportunities and trying out some new techniques in Sri Lanka’s ocean and fresh water systems.
Stay tuned to the Website and like our facebook page to keep up-to-date with future plans and escapades!

Tight lines.


It’s the end of the year again and a great time for us as we gear up for the main part of the Andaman season which kicks off from early January. We have been busy getting ready to give our guests the experience and quality fishing the Andaman Islands are known for. We have had some great fishing in the early part of the season, with a terrific top-water bite and some great jigging. The fish were not in their usual "later season" haunts and we had to find where they were holding. We have incorporated some of our Sri Lanka offshore fishing tactics with great results that have produced some non-stop action. Light tackle & light jigging have techniques have also worked out great. You can mix your day up so you don’t need to be throwing heavy poppers and deep jigging all day long. This is a great option for those after different species as well.
A few more renovations and tweaks to the menu have been implemented at our guesthouse to enhance our services and your comfort level. We also have brand new sets of tackle ready for hire for those anglers who do not want to carry their own rods and reels.

Tight lines.

Trip Reports
Andamans Andamans
start of Andaman fishing season
Fishing season in the Andamans gets off to a great start with Denver, Dave & Mick - Read more Alfie, Adam, Sali & Sharil experience Rod snapping GTs, hook pulls & a whole lot of hard work - Read more
Kirinda - Sri Lanka Bolgoda - Sri Lanka
Ian's Monster GT Big Barramundi caught by Yamada
Monster GTs & mega Mack attacks for the Single Anglers - Ian, Bas, Mikko & Essa - Read more Featherback, Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Black Seabream & more for Yamada & Sahara - Read more
10 tips to have a successful trip in Kirinda
1. Conditions dictate lure selection
2. Take time to read the water before casting
3. Big casts catch fish
4. Work your lures slowly and keep your eyes glued to the lure
5. Hit it like it owes you money when the fish comes up to eat
6. Always have your harness on
7. No fiddling with your drag or spool on the first run
8. Keep tension on the line
9. Listen to your captain during the fight
10. Bring sunscreen
Big chuggers are the go to lures for Kirinda the main reef system runs for over 10 km and we fish depths from 30 meters up to 6m but it’s the deeper spots that generally yield the best fish. Favourites among the guides are Hammer Head, Craftbait GT2 & 3, Carpenter twin hook, Patriot Design Master Bomb Jr, Heru Cubera.
Great Basses
Popper Stick baits work best in calmer conditions anything with a lot of flash that can be worked slowly does the job, stickbaits that have the Japanese head dip and roll action are favourites.
Kirinda is 95% open water fishing there is no visible structure to cast at but paying attention to your surroundings will give you an edge always scan the area for bait, current lines or any area that looks a little different. Your guide will advise on where to cast but they miss things as well.
Longer casts give your lure more time in the water and increase the chances of raising a GT from deep water make sure your gear is in good order and practise if you must beforehand. Things that will help increase distance are; a properly topped up spool, matching your PE to your reel PE10- 20K PE8-18k/14k PE5–10k etc. and sticking to lures that suit your rods casting capabilities.
Big slow pops and slow steady sweeps on stickbaits are the name of the game especially in choppy and rough conditions stay in contact with the lure at all times and watch it like a hawk most hits come from below and behind and it’s rare for a fish to chase a lure down unless it’s a pencil popper or stick bait.
When you have a hit you get one chance to set the hooks so do it properly bang him crank down bang him again then crank down and bang him one more time for luck then pump like a maniac make sure you have your harness on a rod butt in the groin with an angry GT on the end of the line can be distracting. Make sure your drag is set before hand and don’t fiddle with it on the first run it’s too late by that stage and any spike or sudden change in drag pressure from the drag or “palming” the spool can result in line and heart breakage’. We only allow barbless hooks on Game Fishing Asia boats so keeping tension is paramount during the fight slack line means a lost fish.
stay focused

Your guide will be giving instructions during the fight mostly to make sure you are in the best position on the boat to land the fish during the chaos try to keep an ear open to what he’s telling you. Bring Sunscreen and a good hat it’s not just the fishing that gets hot out here! We look forward to fishing with you in Kirinda, feel free to contact us on Facebook if you have any questions. Nicholas Jamin & Cameron Mundy

Rough Weather Fishing
Rough Weather fishing

Not every trip you take will give you postcard perfect weather, tropical and sub-tropical destinations have temperamental weather systems that can blow through in a day or hang around for weeks. But its definitely not all doom and gloom if your trip coincides with rough weather, in general GT’s tend to feed more freely in rough weather and other species such as grouper also seem to feel safe about leaving the reef and looking for a meal higher in the water column.
The trick to catching fish in these conditions is to slow down your retrieve, exaggerate the action of the lure you are fishing with and to fish the biggest lure you have in your box, 200 gram stick baits and poppers are the order of the day. With poppers you need to take your time and judge the swell and chop so you can blast the popper as hard as possible without it tumbling or flying from the water, then wait judge it and blast it again.

Pauses as long as 5 or 6 seconds between pops are fine they give the fish time to locate the popper and smash it. Some people say that floating stickbaits aren’t suitable for rough conditions but I’ve found them to be very effective, again it’s a question of judging your moment and imparting as much action as you can when you can. Imagine things from a fishes’ perspective: he’s on the prowl looking for a meal and notices a bait fish dart out of some messy water and float back and disappear five seconds later it happens again by the third time it happens he’s not going to let the baitfish disappear again and scoff it! Captain Cameron Mundy

Offers & Promotions
Andaman Single Angler Trips - Feb, March & April 2016

We're running 5 more Single Angler Trips in the amazing Andamans - our 5 star fishing destination that just keeps getting better.
Trip details are on our website
email: info@gamefishingasia.com to book your place

Trip 1
Arrive - 22 Feb 2016
Fish - 23 to 28 Feb
Depart - 29 Feb 2016

Trip 2
Arrive - 02 March 2016
Fish - 03 to 08 March
Depart - 09 March 2016
Trip 3
Arrive - 09 March 2016
Fish - 10 to 15 March
Depart - 16 March 2016
Trip 4
Arrive - 24 March 2016
Fish - 25 to 30 March
Depart - 31 March
Trip 5
Arrive - 31 March 2016
Fish - 01 to 06 April
Depart - 07 April 2016
Vertical Jigging trip in Kirinda - April 2016

We are looking for a group to focus on the fantastic jigging opportunities available in Kirinda, Sri Lanka.
We’ll jig the deep reefs and drop offs fishing depths ranging from 40m to 150m+ for a variety of species but with a focus on the resident Doggies and GT’s.
We have priced the trip for 4 people but No-Limits our 37ft center console can easily accommodate 5 anglers on a jigging trip. Single angler and group bookings are welcome.

USD$ 2,800.00 per person

Trip details are on our website

email: info@gamefishingasia.com to book your place

Jigging rod bendin
8-kg-Mangrove-jack-(Lutjanus-argentimaculatus)-caught-on-jig-at-80-m.jpg Spanish Mack Andaman GT Amberjack caught Jigging
image 11 image 12 image 13
image 5 image 6 image 7
image 8 image 9 image 10
For enquiries email info@gamefishingasia.com



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