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We are now midway through the 2015-16 season and time is flying by. The season will soon be done but before that we are gearing up to get the anglers coming to fish with us onto better fish and different species. All the signs are signalling that the big Yellowfin Tuna will be here very shortly with birds, Bonito and Dolphins being seen regularly.
So far we have had what I would call an average season in terms of fish numbers and sizes with a lot of good size fish being dropped after hook up. However the team has not been resting as we have been exploring new areas and been able to deliver consistently good results to our visiting anglers. Our insane fishing sessions with Hamad Al Roumi's group, Alex Scott and Professor Ko are good examples of how spectacular the fishing in the Andaman Islands can be.
When targeting big fish perseverance is what gets results and being able to keep going even when the action is slow. All our anglers who have followed this have been rewarded. In the remaining part of the season we will shift our focus towards Yellowfin Tuna and the Billfish that follow them as well as the GT and Dogtooth Tuna residents.
Tackle up and get ready as we are expecting some more insane sessions of non-stop action Tight lines

Tight lines.

Sri Lanka

Since the beginning of February we’ve had some very good fishing in Kirinda. The weather has been fair with less wind and warmer water. There has been a shift from quantity to size when it comes to GT and we’ve seen a couple in the 40kg - 50kg range.
March has seen incredibly good weather, sunny with a light breeze and baking hot!! Completely different from last year. We’ve been having good action on our jigging spots & on poppers and you can read about some of the great trips in the Trip Reports section below.
A strong oceanic current has come in from the east with very clear warm water and millions of Skipjack, thousands of Dolphins and some Blue Whales. We’re keeping an eye out for the YFT. They are probably here but we haven’t seen any on the surface as yet… maybe they are staying deeper.
April and the first weeks of May are normally crazy here with good action on popper and jig also so we’re really looking forward to the coming weeks before we move operations to Trincomalee at the beginning of May.
We’ve got a Single Angler Trip planned for Trincomalee in June 2016 and some great value 3-4 day trips from mid-May to early October 2016. We'll also have access to the best fishing areas around the harbour.
Get in touch & stay tuned.

Tight Lines.

Trip Reports
Andamans Andamans
Beautiful Yellowfin Tuna GT Rampage for Hamad's Group
Beautiful Yellowfin Tuna & a GT close to the 40kg mark make it back to the boat for Group Field Gate - Read more A GT Rampage in the Andamans for Hamad and friends - back in the Andamans for a second innings - Read more
Andamans Kirinda - Sri Lanka
Professor Ko & Friends Sami's Big GT
Quadrulpe hook-ups and shredded poppers for Professor Ko & friends - Romeo, Momo & Kim - Read more Sami Ghandour & a Hot's tester showcase the amazing variety of species besides the GT in Kirinda - Read more
Kirinda - Sri Lanka Kirinda - Sri Lanka
David's Monster GT Big Kirinda GT for Single Angler
Single Anglers - Oli, David, Philippe, Jame and Adam manage a couple of Kirinda Monsters - Read more Great fishing conditions & steady action for the Single Anglers - Kurt, Kenny, George & Zed - Read more
Switching Tactics

Switching tactics is a good break when the fish aren't biting, after a heavy casting session or even for a bit of a cool down if you have just managed to put that GT of a lifetime on board.

You have the perfect conditions: clear water, just the right amount of wind, great current and a sounder marking full of scared bait fish on your favourite GT spot. But the Geets are missing when you go after them with heavy topwater lures. You scratch your head and give it one go after another hoping they will turn on, smash that perfect popper or stickbait you are presenting so well…the result…nothing!

On days like this try to be observant and look at what’s going on around you. It’s quite probable the GTs are after different food such as the bait balls of small brown fry or feeding on something they find yummy at deeper levels.

Light Jigging

What do you do?

If you are an angler that thrives only on casting, as so many of us do, then try to match the hatch by scaling down lures to what they may be eating or get down to where the action by casting jigs.

Does this work?

The idea is to try different tactics, vary your retrieve and you could be pleasantly surprised. If you don't get the GTs you could catch some interesting other species such as Coral Trout, Dogtooth Tuna or any of the other colourful species that about in the these tropical waters using these methods.

Polarized Glasses - a good pair is a must!
Polarized Glasses

A pair of polarized glasses is not just a gadget or accessory in the panoply of the good fisherman. These glasses are absolutely essential when you are fishing.

Apart from offering good protection for your eyes from sunlight (as would a pair of classic sunglasses) they remove the "mirror" on the surface of water. And that's very important because you can see the reef, coral plate, rocky areas, small fish etc ... a lot of essential information to help you decide where to cast.

A good pair of polarized glasses are as important as choosing a lure or it’s colour. You can have the best lure on the market but if you don’t cast in the hot spot your chances of catching a fish are halved. 

How to choose your polarized glasses ?

If you do not need corrective lenses it is easy:

* Choose a model with glass lenses (not plastic) from the following brands: Costa del Mar, Maui Jim and Oakley.
* If you will only use them for saltwater fishing I suggest you choose blue and green lens colour.
* If you want to use them for both saltwater and freshwater fishing it will be better to choose grey lenses

If you need corrective lenses consult an optician first. They will give you a prescription for your polarized lenses. You can choose the colour of your lenses as above. Frames with a wraparound design don’t allow for prescription lenses but you should still be able to find one that looks great on you.

Polarized Glasses in Use
Andaman Guest House Update
Upstairs Lounge Upstairs Bedroom Upstairs Balcony

The refurbishment of our guest house in the Andamans has just been completed. We now have six comfortable air-conditioned rooms with twin beds & attached bathrooms. The rooms, bathrooms and lounge areas have new furniture and fittings. There’s a bright & airy feel throughout and you can make the most of the lovely sea views from the comfortable sofas and chairs on the two large balconies. The menu has been revamped to take account of guest’s food preferences with a variety of new healthy & tasty dishes.
Thank you for helping us to improve our standards and service levels with your comments and feedback.

Offers & Promotions
Trincomalee Single Angler Trip

This year we’re back in Trincomalee from mid May to early October 2016 with access to the best fishing spots in the area. Get in on the action with our Single Angler Trip.

Arrive: 03 June 2016
Fish: 04 – 08 June 2016 (5 days)
Depart: 09 June 2016

Cost: USD$ 2100.00 per person

Anglers: min 4 – max 4

Spots: Islands, rocks from 3 m to 25 m for popping and seamount, continental shelf from 45 m to 120 m for jigging.

Target Species: GTs on popper. On jig more species like GT, Amberjack, Rosy Jobfish, Grouper and other surprise fish. Offshore of Trincomalee bay we could have some Yellowfin Tuna – if we see them we’ll go after them !!

Popping Tackle: 2 reels & rod combos (PE10 and PE8) 140 to 200 lb leader, lures poppers (110g to 180g) and floating stickbaits. Treble hooks from 5/0 to 8/0

Jigging Tackle: 2 reels & rods combos (PE4-6 and PE 2-3) 80 to 130 lb leader. Jigs from 200 g to 300 g. Hook for assist 6/0 to 13/0

For Tuna: A Pe4-6 rod with a reel like Stella 14000 SW, 100 lb leader, lures floating stickbait (Hammer Head Asymmetry SUS 200) or sinking model like Tackle House Britt. No treble hook only single like the new BKK or Decoy Sergent.

email: info@gamefishingasia.com to book a place

Nice GT
Single Angler GT
Big GT in Kirinda Nico with Monster GT of Kirinda caught on stickbait Hammer Head Cherry Boy Massive GT for David
Federico GT 40kg Racepoint 200 Shimano Stella Bertox popper Takashi-San-GT-1-Daiwa-Saltiga-Zenaq-Travel-Rod-Carpenter-lure Issei-San-GT4-Daiwa-Saltiga-Zenaq-Travel-Rod-Carpenter-lure
For enquiries email info@gamefishingasia.com



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