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January 2017 Newsletter
Destination Updates
The Andamans Sri Lanka

By the time you get this newsletter, 2016 would have ended and we will have completed the first trips of 2017. For us 2016 was an eventful year which saw us make many changes and improvements to our existing operation, most noticeably with the guesthouse and our boats, the whole idea being to continuously improve our product offering and give our customers the best possible overall experience.
With the continued success of our single angler trips, we have lots of anglers coming out to try GT fishing for the first time and our ability to prepare them with tackle, tips and techniques very often turns that one-trip angler into a hardcore enthusiast who then invests into the never ending pit of popping and jigging tackle.
Looking back at the last season and the beginning of the 2016-17 season we can see how much the weather conditions change from year to year. This is something that anglers and we, as charter operators, will need to continuously assess and be prepared for. What we do know for certain is that the early months of the season are very good for good sized GT's and Dogtooth and we have been actively looking for and finding them at our new spots.
Recent changes to the fishing regulations for sport fishing in the Andaman Islands, by the local authorities, has meant more paperwork to be completed prior to trips and a longer time frame to process the permission. However, we at Gamefishing Asia pride ourselves in doing things the correct way with the least disruption to the trip schedules and we are hopeful of the new proposed system actually making the whole process simpler.
Back to the fishing and yes, we are very excited to be getting into a full bore season, hitting the new spots and actually implementing the new trips we have planned from the end of last season. As to what we will land, our readers will need to stay tuned and watch our social media posts as well as the website.
We are also very pleased to announce that OJ Tackle will be the agency representing us in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia from January 2017. This will not affect our existing customers in any way and we look forward to an exciting partnership with OJ Tackle.

Tight lines.

We are back in Kirinda and up and running, as we have been chasing the big Geets that frequent southern Sri Lanka as the Southwest monsoon tapers off. This year, as in previous seasons, when the conditions are right the big boys come out to play and more than once we have had anglers with a look of shock and wonder when they have been pulled around the boat and the fish has still managed to get away with a locked drag… well, that Kirinda is not a place for the faint hearted is well known.
With a busy schedule ahead of us and plenty of fishing to come, we have a few remaining spots in April this season, which is the second prime time of the season and promises some great GT action as we switch our tactics to target the GT's in different areas along the reef system. We're sure that our efforts will yield good results for our customers.
The inshore and estuarine fishing at Bolgoda was excellent this season with the delay in the onset of the Northeast monsoon resulting in some great barramundi being landed, just under the much sought after meter mark.
In the coming part of the season we will be looking at light jigging on ultra-light tackle which has produced some insane results and is a welcome break when we are waiting for the right conditions to launch the heavy lures across the reef's edge.
It's not only about the GT's in Kirinda, as our proximity to the continental shelf means some very large Dogtooth prowl the area and are waiting for the jigging fanatics to drop the jigs deep. New spots we explored last season in depths ranging from 90 to 120 meters are all waiting to be fished. The near flat conditions we experience in March and April are ideal for deep jigging.
Fishing is what keeps us going whether it is saltwater, estuary or freshwater, so once again we are really excited to start off a new year, with the boats all rigged up and ready. Captain Nico and team are ready and waiting for you to "set the hook" and hold on to one of the Kirinda monsters.
To all our customers, suppliers and employees (those still with us and those who have moved on) who have contributed to our success and our reputation as a premier charter operation, very best wishes for the new year.

Tight lines.

Trip Reports
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Part-1 Of Tackle Selection for the Andaman Islands Fishing
This video is about Tackle Selection Andaman Islands Part 1

Darran goes through a tackle selection for first time anglers to the Andaman Islands, which details rod and reel selection, lure sizes and quantities, terminal tackle and other odds and ends to carry with you so you are all prepared to get straight into the action. The video will be in two parts so stay tuned for part two. You can also email us with suggestions and we will be happy to make up "How To" videos to get you set for your trips with us.

Impact on Payments - Regulatory Changes in the Andamans

Year 2016 brought an upheaval of sorts with the demonetization that happened in India in November. In the months that followed, a series of measures have been implemented by the government that include promotion of cashless transactions for small traders, increasing banking penetration, increase of the service tax for businesses, introduction of tax compliance measures etc. The various changes have also brought in certain restrictions in the way businesses can operate.
At Gamefishing Asia, we have had to relook our operations owing to these regulatory changes. While we hesitate to burden our customers with these changes, we would like to apprise you of the following measures that are coming into effect:

1. High value cash transactions are no longer accepted in the Andamans.

Any amount higher than US $1000 will now have to be paid via wire transfer. In order to ensure that there is no disruption of services to our customers, we require the invoice amount to be cleared at least 60 days before the trip start date (many of our customers have voiced that bank transfers are now taking longer, which is why we are asking for payments to be cleared 2 months ahead.)
2. Abatement available to businesses has been reduced, resulting in an increase to the effective rate of service tax. While in the short run we will be absorbing the service tax increase, we would be relooking our pricing structure shortly.
3. The GST rollout is expected to happen in July 2017. This may further impact our pricing structure, but we remain optimistic that we will be able to provide a high-satisfaction experience to all our customers.
We will keep abreast of all the changes, and be assured that we will keep our customers' interests in mind before taking any decision.

What Makes a Fishing Charter your Ideal Choice

With a lot of fishing charters to choose from, especially in fishing hot spots across the globe, it can be rather confusing for a someone wanting to go out on that fishing trip of a lifetime and not knowing which one to pick. So what makes one charter stand out from the others and makes their one time customers turn into repeat customers who spread the word about the quality of service they received?

Pencil Popper Stickbait

As a potential client what should you look into before booking your trip and how would you go about it?
The first thing you would need to get into is what you would be targeting species wise and what is it you want to achieve during your fishing trip. From this you short list your destinations and when this is done you need to choose amongst the available charter operators in the area.
A good fisherman is not necessarily a good fishing guide, so who you will be fishing with or who will be guiding your trip is a very important consideration. A good guide is someone who will mentor you on your trip, who will assist you with your tackle selection prior to and on the trip, who discusses and plans or adjusts the plans for your fishing as the trip progresses and suggests the best tactics to put you onto the fish of your dreams. The guide would also have prepared and have his/her own selection of goodies to keep you going in an emergency tackle malfunction or shortage. So try to get to know your operator or talk to people who know or who have fished with the operator/ guide before you book a trip.

A fishing trip is not only about the fishing but is about the total experience from your first interaction with the operator to the booking process, your arrival, stay, fishing, billing and departure. Did the operator make you feel special and cater to your individual needs? Were all the small details attended to? Did the operator ask you for your honest feedback on how you felt the trip went, were they willing to take constructive criticism and see your point of view?
A good charter outfit is one that consistently delivers results so take the time to look at their websites and social media pages and look for updates. Not all fishing trips are spectacular and any operator who only posts great catch reports is not being totally honest.
Today, as the world's fish populations decreases, how charter operators handle the fish and their local environment to protect and conserve their resources should be a determining factor in your choice.
If you keep all of the above in mind when selecting a fishing charter for your next long distance offshore trip, you are well on the way to ensuring a good trip even before you actually get there. Tight lines and good fishing.

Meet the GFA Team - Our Andaman Destination Manager Prathap
Prathap Ruthnaswamy

Prathap joined our Andaman Team last season and is our Destination Manager based in Port Blair. Someone who loves to fish, it has been said that Prathap can catch a snakehead in a puddle of water!! Fortunately for us and other snakehead anglers he has taken to saltwater fishing for the better part of the year. Your man on the ground, he will take care of all your needs in the guesthouse and is often seen making up a special dish for dinner; yes he likes to cook as well. If you wonder how we keep things in order and are spot on time, now you know. By the way, this Baracuda is the nearest thing to Snakehead for Prathap, in the sea.

Offers & Promotions
Single Angler Trips
For the 2017/2018 season we've got Single Angler Trips in the Andamans lined up from January to April 2018. The dates set aside are the best in terms of fishing, tides & weather conditions. If you're fishing on your own and you would like to do a 6 day trip in the Andamans get in touch with us by emailing Details of the trips including dates, cost & target species are on the website.
Single Angler Kirinda Single Angler Andamans
Single Angler Trips in Kirinda Single Angler Trips in The Andamans
Thadd Cheng GT
Per GT Kirinda
Big GT for Japan Angler
Dimitry big GT
Kirinda Big GT for Per
Maori Perch for Alexander
Team Field Gate Japan Big GT
Joakim Big GT
Sail-fish on topwater stickbait
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