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To run a fully professional service that meets and exceeds our customer expectations & equipment and hospitable service.


To provide a safe environment for all of our clients. All Gamefishing Asia™ staff are fully trained in emergency first response and follow strict safety procedures.


To contribute to society by creating awareness and educating people about the importance of sustainable fishing and protection of the environment.


We promote catch and release, all fish are released except the most palatable one for dinner.

WELCOME TO Gamefishing Asia™

Gamefishing Asia™ has been running fishing charters for the discerning angler since 2006. We believe that a fishing charter outfit is only as good as the people who run it. Gamefishing Asia with our team and guides who are dedicated and experienced beyond our operating years is one of the best in Asia. Spectacular locations, well equipped boats, state-of-the-art equipment, delicious food and pleasurable company make your angling holiday with us an experience you will never forget.
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Why Choose Us?

We believe in delivering the trip of a lifetime each and every time.

In an age where there is no shortage of operators willing to run a trip, it is vital that, after choosing the location for your next fishing trip you spend a considerable amount of time deciding which operator should run that trip for you.

Since we first started in 2006, we have built our reputation as a professional, safe and quality fishing charter operator, providing the best services in pristine and stunning locations. We have created globally recognized fishing locations through our professionalism and expertise.


To provide our guests with a world class fishing experience

We use our comfortable & modern fishing lodges, dedicated boats, superb locations, the latest tackle & equipment, all combined with hospitable & friendly service.


Conserving and respecting the wonderful fishing locations that we operate in is our main objective. We handle all fish very carefully and endorse and practice Catch and Release and the use of Barbless Hooks.

Gamefishing Asia is also working towards:

  • Starting tagging programs for the Giant Trevally (Caranx Ignoblis) in the Indian Sub Continent.
  • Creating and increasing awareness and education in the Indian Sub Continent.
  • Increasing awareness of the need for conservation and management strategy for Giant Trevally in the Indian Ocean.
  • Developing corporate partnerships to facilitate necessary funding for future project/expedition advancement

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Customer Reviews

  • If you are looking for variety and plenty of action ,and the weather permits, then It is well worth going that extra distance to Little Andaman which is nowhere near as heavily fished. You’ll have to work hard but your efforts will likely produce better results. And by the way, we saw huge GT’s and lost one way over 40kgs due to an unfortunate line snag on the boat. It took line like an Exocet missile with a Stella 18000 drag locked down! Ah! The one’s that get away!

    David T - Muscat
    Outstanding Fishing and a Great Operator
  • Fishing in the Andaman Islands with Game Fishing Asia has been a tremendous experience. We were very fortunate to fish with Pratap and captain Rama as we were new the methods of popping and jigging. Some days were very slow, no fault to the crew as it was a complete learning curve for us. My wife and I finally found our feet the last couple of days & started to raise some fish and land them ourselves.

    Virharry - Glasgow, United Kingdom
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To provide our guests with a world class fishing experience offered through our modern fishing lodges, dedicated boats, superb locations, latest tackle & equipment and hospitable service.