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World Fishing Anglers in Kirinda

World Fishing Anglers in Kirinda

it was the guys first time on heavy duty popping gear so there was a bit of a learning curve involved and the sea conditions where less than perfect. We’ve been plagued by strong winds this season. Whether its El nino or just bad luck I can’t tell but it makes for interesting days out on the Ocean! The guys were all British and possessed the legendary stiff upper lip so nary a complaint was uttered as we bashed our way around the ocean. Paul and Robert stuck to the big guns throwing poppers and stickbaits for the GTs while Nick found his niche in the popping and jigging world with my light jigging setup.

Each day brought a different bite and we struggled to nail down a pattern. One day we would have a flurry of activity in the morning, the next a slow but constant bite throughout the day and on others the activity only happened late in the afternoon or mid-day. This meant we were forced to fish the entire day with little rest for fear of missing the golden hour of action. Our best day saw us raise around 20 fish although we only had four hit the deck. We also missed multiple Spanish Mackerel and lost a fair amount of tackle to the toothy buggers.

While the Paul and Robert put in the hard yards Nick was having the time of his life on the light jigging rods. Landing fish constantly, he managed to pick up 3 solid Golden Trevally in one day with the largest measuring 80cm which is pretty amazing as I normally see one every three trips or so.

It was an enjoyable trip with great banter and conversations on the boat to go along with the fishing and I hope to see the guys again soon.



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