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Wild Fishing Anglers – Group 1

Wild Fishing Anglers – Group 1

Vincenzo Caccico, Professional GT fisherman and owner of WFA travel brought his first group of clients Claudio, Franco, Dino and Roberto out to Kirinda for six days fishing. Vincenzo brings his clients from all over the world and has found a special place in his heart for Sri Lanka as he has joined us in Kirinda experiencing some great jigging and popping, the same goes for his trips to Trincomalee in the north.

Now, being so close to the start of the rainy season in the South West the weather shows a clear pattern, sun in the morning and incoming storms in the late afternoon. This clearly has its effect on all the wildlife above and beneath the surface.

Going out on their first day, they decide to start with jigging. Shortly after arriving at the spot they find a big tree floating in the current. Dropping the jigs the activity is nonstop and more and more species from beneath the surface get to see the inside of the boat. At the end of the day, the Italian gentlemen can pride themselves with 30 landed fish in the boat including Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, King Mackerel and Trevally species such as Gold Spot, Bludger, Malabar and GT with countless missed bites.

Having such a good day on the first day, the group decides to mainly go popping during day number two.
Getting a few good strikes in the afternoon with the biggest GT being around 15kg they can with happy faces fight the strong wind and whipping rainstorm, on their way back to the harbour.

Claudio from the northern parts of Italy is the oldest gentleman of the group with a life experience of 79 years. He is an enthusiast when it comes to GT and making them rise on surface lures.  The third day starts as any other day with shining sun and flat conditions. The action starts instantly with 33 bites popper and a nice 25kg GT in the arms of Claudio!

The last days continue with great action landing fish at 15, 18, 18 and 20kg.

Not only having very good activity on popping, the jigging is action filled on several days with an array of different species and the bites are uncountable!

With a combined age of 274 years the four gentlemen have impressed the whole crew at Gamefishing Asia, showing great stamina and persistence. We can only hope we’ll be as fit as they are!


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