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Ukrainian Start – Andaman Islands – 15 to 20 November 2014

Ukrainian Start – Andaman Islands – 15 to 20 November 2014

Our season got off with a bang with a group of anglers we had from the Ukraine. The weather had cleared a week before they were due to arrive and conditions were great for a week of fishing. The first day was spent flexing muscles and getting used to casting poppers for 8hrs. We did have many smaller GT coming up, hitting lures and giving the anglers a workout.

Red Bass

A solid Red Bass caught on popper. These fish never hesitate to take top water lures when they’re about.  We often have them coming up in packs and chasing after top water lures.

Big GT

The big GT of the trip came after a couple of days of popping.  The deeper reefs and the ones further off shore were free of bait and had very few GT on them. Conditions were such that all the bait was bunched up in water less than 10 meters deep. The trick to finding the fish is to look for the bait and we soon were into the GT. The remainder of the trip and weeks to come had all our GT caught is relatively shallow water.

Grouper Double

Bouncing a large rubber shad off the bottom of the reef in about 60 meters of water resulted in this hook up. The lucky angler wound up with a double hook up of grouper. We commonly call these fish the tiger grouper in the Andaman Islands.

GT Triple

Once the week was underway we had constant action everyday of the trip and there never was a dull moment on the boat. We had numerous double double and triple hookups with smaller GT.

Red Bass 2

Another prime example of a Red Bass we get swimming here off our reefs. We’ve noticed a rise in the number of Red Bass we’ve had this season that signifies the health of the reefs.

We’re sure to see our friends from the Ukraine again in the Andaman Islands. Meanwhile it’s business as usual and we’re out fishing again helping clients achieve their dream fish!

Team GFA

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