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The Boys from Christmas Island

The Boys from Christmas Island

Arriving at our guest house on the 10th of March the group were all eager to see what fish they would encounter. Everyone was on the boat by 7 the next morning: day 1 and they were rewarded with 15 GTs. Day 2 also brought GTs to their poppers and the weather too seemed to favour the anglers. A couple of large GTs made away with poppers before the day ended.

We are constantly searching for new fishing spots for our anglers and on day 3 our searching paid off. After trolling for twenty minutes on day three over a new spot that we had found over pinnacles a huge blue marlin slammed the lure and was hooked. After some spectacular leaps and long runs Bill had his task cut out, recovering a couple hundred yards of line before he handed the rod over to Shane to complete the fight. The huge blue fought for an hour before he was alongside the boat being measured. The tape indicated 3.3 metres short length and the fish’s weight calculated to be 305 kilos. The days fishing ended with a couple of GTs.

Darran and I joined the group to fish with them on day 4. Excellent weather continued and we saw a lot of activity on the surface while we proceeded to a new spot that looked promising for marlin. Pods of dolphin, bonito and occasional big tuna were visible and the day looked great. We began to troll between and around the pinnacles and after a while we noticed the lure had picked up some seaweed and needed to be reeled in. That’s when the marlin decided to strike barely 15 metres from the boat. I’ll never forget that moment which unfolded before my eyes. First the bill came out of the water and then I saw his huge eyes before the water exploded when he hit the lure. It’s amazing to see the speed at which they move. We all were witness to some crazy runs and leaps before the marlin found the depths. Fifty minutes later we had brought him up to the surface and measured the fish. The tape showed him to be 2.5 metres short length and weight approximated at 200 kilos. Two marlin in two days

The next day the Christmas Island boys headed to another marlin spot and landed a beauty of a sailfish after a short fight weighing in at 50 kilos. Bill managed to capture some excellent underwater footage of the fish coming in and being released. The group’s last day of fishing didn’t prove any less spectacular with more than a 100 fish being hooked out of which 61 were landed. All mostly GTs. The day was so filled with action that by afternoon the anglers were all worn out and had to call it a day.

Species Caught : Giant Trevally, Blue Marlin and Sailfish

Tackle Used

Rods:Daiwa Saltiga popping rods and Calstar trolling rods

Reels: Daiwa Saltiga, Daiwa Catalina and Shimano Tiagra TLD

Lures: Patriot design, Reefs Edge, Black Jack, River to sea, Halco poppers and Pakula trolling lures


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