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Trip Information | Medical & Insurance


It’s best to contact your GP and advise them of the destination that you are travelling to. If it is your first time or many years since you travelled to the tropics, you may need to have some precautionary vaccinations and/or medications. Some of these need to be taken up to 4 weeks before you travel.


Popping and Jigging are strenuous activities and the intense tropical heat and humidity can take a heavy toll on unprepared anglers. Please speak to your GP if you have any existing medical conditions that might be exacerbated by strenuous physical activity, heat and humidity.


There are limited medical facilities in close proximity to the areas where we fish so please remember to bring any essential medication and take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe and healthy before, during and after your trip with us.


You must have travel insurance as a condition of your booking. Make sure that your travel Insurance covers offshore sport fishing and covers the full cost of your trip in the event of a weather related cancellation.