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Our First Single Angler Trip for the Season

Our First Single Angler Trip for the Season

Our guest from France came in to take over from where our first group for the season left off. A passionate fisherman and a true gentleman, Bertrand arrived a day earlier than his initial schedule so that he could get in an extra day fishing for GT. He turned out to be a good friend of Eric LeGuyader of Orion Lures, a world-famous fisherman whom we have fished with twice before. His first evening in Port Blair was spent exchanging notes with our other guests and setting up his Shimano Caranx Travel rods. He intended on targeting big GT and chose to fish mainly with stickbaits, his lure of choice the Orion Plug Tropic.

His first day saw him decide in the morning to go out for a half day fishing. We got his permit by late morning and headed out north. The GT weren’t too interested in his stickbaits and the fishing was a bit slow. He wasn’t too disappointed though and was eager to see what awaited him the next day. Darran was on board and the duo had a better second day fishing, with a decent 28 kilo GT among the fish landed and a 20 kilo GT that had survived a shark attack with a chunk taken out of its back. The good news is that it was almost healed and we released the survivor to fight again another day. We also managed to get a nice pic of Bertrand with a Spanish Mackerel that believed it could fly! After bringing two travel rods with him, it didn’t take our Andaman GT too long to make short work out of them. Travel rods may not be on the list of things to carry when he returns to the Andamans next. He switched to Racepoint 150’s for the rest of his fishing days with us.

We were having an unusually hot spell and the afternoons on the boat were a bit too hot for Bertrand to handle, so he decided to set out a little earlier in the mornings and be done with his fishing by late noon. The advantages of being a single angler is the liberty of doing things your way on the boat and Bertrand enjoyed himself with the boat to himself. With three knot winds blowing from the south east, the next day was a great day out with over ten fish landed, heaps of strikes with lost fish and a diminished stock of the favorite Plug Tropics. The biggest catch for the day a nice one that was at the 20-kilo mark. The highlight however was a 25 kilo barracuda, his personal best.

Day four saw similar clam weather conditions. Without his favorite lures he had to use our Kokari poppers. He decided to go with the 130gm fire-tiger and he was glad he did. With numerous hits to get his confidence with the lure, it did not take long for a monster geet to climb on. Alas, the popper was never to be seen again after a GT made off with it when his line burst after a long fight that could have gone either way. This day the fish won and Bertrand was big enough to admit a great day out where the fish were just too big for him to handle. The next two days of his trip saw him through with the weather holding out and plenty more GT action. We got more than a few on the deck, with 22 more GT landed on his last two days fishing in the Andamans. To end the trip, he was lucky to get a double header on his last afternoon of two almost identically sized Geets, both in the 30-kilo range. The good news is that we are seeing Remoras on some of GT’s which is great news as it is an indicator that the GT’s are moving in from distant areas; expect some great days ahead.

When we asked him what he liked the most about Andamans, apart from the fishing, he said it was to be able to fish among the scenic islands. His plan was to take a day’s rest in between but temptation got the better of him. The monster GT eluded Bertrand but he was still a happy man as he had his fair share of action and more than a few chances with the big boys. That’s what fishing is all about.

Till next time,
Tight Lines,
Team GFA

Tackle Used
Popping Rods: Shimano, Caranx Kaibutsu (Travel), Racepoint 150
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella
Popping Lures: GT Mania, Kokari 130, Halco Roosta, Orion Plug Tropic

Species Caught: Giant Trevally, Big-Eye Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Spanish Mackerel, Barracuda, Rainbow Runner



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