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Kirinda Single Angler Trip

Kirinda Single Angler Trip

Father and son McCarthy – two Englishmen residing in Qatar for many years, Loic the French carp angler living in Singapore and Abdullah from Germany finally arrived at Kirinda Beach Resort.
Tired after the long flight and a long drive to Kirinda but excited after having seen pictures of the 60kg+ Dogtooth tuna caught the week before, they all discussed their big dream – to catch their first GT.

All of them joined our “Single Angler” trip. These trips are specially designed for anglers whom are really keen on fishing our destinations but find it difficult to form a group of four to six anglers themselves. Having been put together by Gamefishing Asia they shared contact details and emails with each other before the journey began and quickly became friends.

Heading out on sea their first morning they gazed upon the famous Yala National Park as they passed alongside its coastline. Dale and his father Steve had been searching for explosive GT action for two years and were hoping to finally realize their dream.

The popping commenced and the guys experienced good activity with regular hits and good average size of the landed fish.

Loic managed a 40kg GT as his first GT ever and was well chuffed, while Steve “The Governor” McCarthy opened up with a 37kg!

During their trip the activity slowed down, but the fish remained big in size, treating Loic with another fish just below 40 kg, and Dale ended his two year long search for the Giant Trevally with a 22kg, worth its weight in its silvery color!

The group also managed some fun jigging on one of our many jigging spots with Dale hooking and landing a 20kg+ “Doggie” making his Shimano Saragossa play the tunes of the fishing Gods on the open sea, or as he puts it himself “scream like a bit*&h”.

If you want to experience backbreaking fights, fully bent rods and screaming reels in Sri Lanka and you’re on your own (when it comes to fishing!) we’ve got a 6 Day Single Angler trip running in Trincomalee from 18th to 24th May 2015. There are only two places left so be quick if you want one of them!

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