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Jigging in Trincomalee – Feb 2015

Jigging in Trincomalee – Feb 2015

When our Italian Anglers arrived in Trincomalee, forecast and water conditions weren’t really ideal for a dream fishing trip… But one of the guys said to us: “Let’s see what happens on sea, the fish haven’t disappeared, we just have to find them!!” We like a positive attitude, it goes a long way in making the trip a pleasant experience for everyone.

Fishing in Trincomalee Sri Lanka

We started on our popping spots, but the water was really green and muddy, due to the last rainy days… very difficult conditions to manage GTs coming to the surface. This year’s rainfall has been off the record and an indication of changing weather patterns across the world. To keep the positive attitude going we think that this means next year conditions are going to be perfect!

GT on Popper

Simone had the only bite of the trip on popper and landed a decent 15 kg GT

Rod: Hot’s Gipang Tide Lez GT77XH | Reel: Shimano Stella 18000 SW | Lure: Patriot Design Big Cup 170.

Then the second day, we decided to try on our jigging spots and we found a big ball of bait and predators around.

Bait Ball Sonar

The trip which hadn’t got off to a great start was now getting much, much better. This was a trip for Jigging with good action and even a quadruple hook up!!!

Quadruple Hookup

These are some of the beauties we caught:

Malabar Trevally

Malabar Trevally

African Pompano

African Pompano

Horse Eye Jack

Horse Eye Jack

Yellow Fin Tuna

Some Yellow Fin Tuna

GT Trincomalee Sri Lanka

GT Trincomalee

Gamefishing Asia GT

GT Fishing Gamefishing Asia

Marco's Big GT on Jig

And some nice GTs…

The big GTs were caught with Rod: Maria Steady Jigging 70 | Reel: Shimano Stella 18000 SW | Jig: Maria Metal Flicker 200 g

 Cuttlefish caught on Jig

And a special catch for Simone the last day was a big cuttlefish! One of the most incredible jigging catches on jig we’ve ever seen!!


Go Trinco!!!


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