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Jerome Lenagard Group – Kirinda – 09 – 13 & 15 – 20 November 2014

Jerome Lenagard Group – Kirinda – 09 – 13 & 15 – 20 November 2014

Day 1 – Gets off to an amazing start! First drift, first drop and Guillaume catches a decent Doggie. The rest of the day continues to be amazing with a jigging score of 37 bites and 26 fish landed. There are plenty of Gold Spot Trevally, Bludger Trevally, Doggies and GT.

Day 2 – A repeat of day 1 with 33 bites and 16 fish landed on Jig. Some of the big fish are unstoppable breaking line on the reef.

Day 3 – If day 1 was amazing, day 3 is unbelievable! The most incredible day since the start of the season in Kirinda. We start fishing on jig and the guys have 33 bites and land 20 fish. Then in 3 hours popping they manage another 29 bites but with only 6 fish landed weighing in at an average of 15-20kg. By the end of the day our 3 fisherman are understandably tired and miss 2 big ones and quite a few more fish manage a getaway.

Day 4 – The plan for a morning of jigging and an afternoon of popping is named <<El Classico>> by the guys and it’s scheduled for Day 4 but with more popping. The jigging comes up trumps with 29 bites and 20 fish landed but the popping is a bit disappointing with only 5 bites and 1 GT landed.

Day 5 – Is another <<El Classico>> day with 18 bites and 16 fish landed on jig and 8 bites and 2 GT on popper. Guillaume has a monster GT bite, which takes out a lot of line on the first rush and continues being absolutely unstoppable after breaking his PE-10 braided line on the reef.

Day 6: After 2 days off to rest, our fishermen are ready to fish again and decide to just do popping. They land 4 nice GT’s between 15 – 20kg from 13 bites and miss 2 big GT’s. One of the GT’s that got away, smashed a Hammer Head I-Cup in a 25m depth spot and ran so fast that there wasn’t enough time to set the hook.

Days 7 to 10: The weather decides to play rough with wind and rain and a change in the water colour. There’s a marked decline in the fish activity and this coupled with an intense first few days has tired our anglers out. They still manage 8 fish from 16 bites on Jig and 5 GT from 14 bites on popper.

Hauling GT & Doggies out of the water in such number is hard work and pretty exhausting even for the fittest anglers. It’s a shame the trip didn’t end on a high but the amazing first few days they had is always going to be hard to match. Well done guys!






























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