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Group Field Gate

Group Field Gate

It is compulsory for any non-Indian National coming to the Andamans to obtain a restricted area permit (RAP) on arrival. These RAPs are issued at the immigration counter at the airport. So when our group of eight Japanese anglers landed up at the guest house without their RAPs we were quite surprised that they had been allowed out of the airport and had to rush them back to complete the formalities. This was the first time something like this has happened to any of our guests. It was soon sorted out and after a quick lunch they got busy setting up their tackle and were off to try a bit of shore fishing with light tackle.

Both boats set out together the next morning and later branched off in different directions. Halcyon III had action quite early while Rampage was into fish a little later in the day. The water looked promising for big GT and between both boats on day 1 quite a few GTs were landed. The largest weighing in at 24 kilos.

Light winds were blowing from the South West when the boats set out on day 2. The anglers were bent on only popping for GT so they were taken to our popping spots where the fish were feeding earlier than the previous day. Apart from the GTs that were landed the anglers lost a couple of poppers and stick baits to bigger fish. One huge fish exploded out of the water, grabbed a popper and disappeared into the depths tearing out drag and bending the rod over till it exploded, costing the angler dearly. There were also a couple of nervous moments of watching line disappear off the reel after which the line burst and a huge GT swam away with the popper leaving the angler stunned thus ending their second day of fishing. Some Tuna and Red Snapper that were landed too. Over 30 fish in total on day two of the trip.

Captain Lam who had organized the trip joined them to fish on their final day here in the Andamans. Light South West winds prevailed and the sea was calm. The group decided to stick with their poppers and had themselves a good last day of fishing. Stickbaits came into play as well and there were moments of anglers and their tackle being put to the test with rods almost being yanked out of their hands. They fought and landed a big 40 kilo monster Yellowfin tuna and some decent size GTs as well close to the 40 kilo mark.

Species Caught : Giant Trevally,Bluefin Trevally,Dogtooth Tuna,Yellowfin Tuna,Jobfish,Red Snapper,Grouper and Coral Trout

Tackle Used:
Rods: Daiwa Saltiga, Zenaq GT Travel rods
Reels: Daiwa Saltiga
Lures: Carppenter Gamma, Daiwa Meister, Japan Domestic Market poppers

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