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Fishing Mayhem as we close 2018

Fishing Mayhem as we close 2018

Clarence Lee was back with group of “pinkies” from Singapore. This was one group that had come over-prepared, as usual, for a fishing trip, and the tackle arsenal they had with them would have put a reputable tackle shop to shame. They were thoroughly briefed, well-rested and eager to get into action right away.

Two Vessels, 37-feet long and with 500 Hp Yamaha engines, departed from the jetty with somewhat a fanfare, with onlookers looking in amazement at the plethora of equipment being loaded, compared to the somewhat clandestine departure we had the last few trips.

It was as if all the stars were aligned for this trip, for as soon as we hit open waters and started casting our anglers were getting strikes, one after the other. Under the commandership of Captain Kantha & Rama, Clarence and boys were reeling in some of their biggest catches.

On day one, in the evening jigging session, Gerald hooked one which pushed him to the limit of his endurance, as what could only be a monster Grouper latched onto a smaller fish on his PE4 outfit. In the ensuing tug-of-war that lasted over an hour and made the boat drift a mile, we made no headway with this beast. In the end Gerald had to pass his rod to his buddy Werner, who was more than willing to help, but it would not be as easy as it seemed. There is seldom any fish that could tire out two seasoned anglers and after a while the rod broke. Even then the fight was not given up as Captain Kantha – with his bare hands – started hauling the line. But the strain on not the line but the leader gave way from rubbing. Disappointment and relief at the same time.

This trip had it all – hookups and misses, good and bad weather and Personal Bests for some anglers. Moving from one spot to another, the action was intense with multiple hook ups. Clarence hooked 2 GT’s on one popper, weighing around 12kgs each. In the heat of the fishing action some poppers were cast far, landing into the reefs, and were lost. The lure of the trip – with the most hits and hook ups – was none other than our very own Kokari popper, in both the 130 and 160-gram sizes.

After some freshening up after they got back, and over dinner – which was fresh caught fish prepared as they wanted it by Chef Deepak – the groups regaled their experiences for the day. Bryan had the most to boast, as he had caught the biggest GT of the trip-  a 141cm beast estimated over 40 kgs – under Captain Rama’s expert guidance, while Captain Kantha had to rue missed chances on the Rampage from line busts and missed hook-ups.

But as they say, whatever happens happens for good – a clear enough reason for them to start planning their next expedition in the Andamans.

We will let the pictures do the talking. Till then, keep tuning in for more action in the Andamans at

Enjoy the pictures and keep casting,
Team GFA

Tackle Used
Popping Rods: Carpenter KLL82/42, Hammerhead Faube 77M+, 78ML Ripple Fisher Blue Snipper, Ripple Fisher Power Fight GT710, Ultimo 710H, Temple Reef Ronin 8010, Carpenter EP86/40, Ripple Fisher GT80, Carpenter Monster Hunter 80H, Temple Reef 76, 710
Popping Reels: Daiwa Saltiga Dog Fight 7000H, Saltiga 6000GT, Saltiga DogFight 3500H Shimano Stella 14000 Stella 18000, Shimano Twin Power 16000
Lures: Kokari 160/ 130, Hammer Head E Cup, Hots Keiko, GT Harrier, FC Labo

Jigging Rods: Yamaga Galahad PE5, Pioneer Jig Drive PE35, Synit Deep Shock 200, Takamitechno HM5, Ripper Fisher 5210, Poseidon Spinjerker, Extreme Anglers PE5, 7seas Custom Muroto Special
Jigging Reels: Shimano Stella 8000, Ocean Devil PE4, Accurate BX2, OJ2000P, Shimano Ocean Jigger 1501, Shimano Stella 10000PG, Daiwa Saltiga 4500H, Ryobi Fishing Safari 5000, OJ2000HG
Jigs: 7 Seas Hooker, Patriot Design, Shout

Species Landed: Giant Trevally, Long Nose Emperor, Job Fish, Rosy Job Fish, Barracuda, Dogtooth Tuna, Red Snapper, Bonito


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