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What type of fishing do you offer

Most options are catered to.
Our fishing options cater to all levels and include light tackle to extreme Popping & Jigging, trolling, live baiting, bottom fishing, shore based light tackle casting, luring and float fishing.
These vary by destination so have a look at the ‘Destinations by fishing type’ section of our website for what options are best suited to the destination you choose.

Is it safe

We do everything we can to make it safe.
The safety of our customers and staff is our number one priority. All staff are trained in emergency first response and we regularly run through emergency scenarios. We have medical kits on each boat and in the unlikely event of an emergency, procedures are in place to get the injured person qualified medical assistance as soon as possible. Strict safety rules are in place that apply right from your arrival, throughout your trip until your departure.

Is it suitable for all age groups

It depends.
The fishing itself varies in intensity depending on the destination and your choice of fishing style. Extreme Popping and Jigging can very strenuous and require a high level of strength and fitness.
Luring and float fishing or inshore light tackle casting on the other hand can be a relaxing experience for the whole family to enjoy.
If you are fishing as part of a group, the trips last from early morning to mid-afternoon and the tropical sun can be blisteringly hot. Most anglers want to make the most of their fishing time and we are happy to oblige by providing you with as much action as you want.
If you wish to charter a boat for yourself and your family you are free to decide the schedule and the level of activity.
Luring and float fishing or inshore light tackle casting on the other hand can be a relaxing experience for the whole family to enjoy.

What are the fishing timings

Usually 08:00 to 16:30 on fishing days.
Fishing timings are from 08:00 to 16:30 each day. However depending on the tide we could leave or return earlier or later to get the best out of your fishing time on the water.

How far/long do we have to travel before fishing starts

45 minutes to an hour and a half from the time you leave your accommodation.
The jetty is located a few minutes’ drive from your accommodation. Getting kitted out with life jackets and doing our safety check takes another 5-10 minutes. We then head out to our fishing spots which are between 30 minutes to an hour and a 30 minutes’boat ride away. We usually plan our day to start at the farthest spot and then work our way back. So it could be anything from 30 minutes to and hour and thirty minutes from the time you leave your accommodation to the time you get your lure into the water.

Can I rent tackle if I do not have my own

Yes but bring your own reels.
We have a range of suitable rods, terminals and lures for hire at very reasonable rates.
For emergencies we do have spare reels but we do recommend you bring your own.

What if I have bad weather or a boat breakdown during my trip

We have no control over changing tropical weather conditions.
In the case of bad weather:
We will try to make up lost fish time during the remaining days of your your trip OR
Offer you the opportunity to extend your stay if you are able to do this and we have availability.
In case of a boat breakdown:
We will make arrangements for alternate boats.
Should our boats be unable to operate during your trip we will refund that day/days fishing charges to your bank account (No cash refunds are made locally)OR
If you wish we will give you an equivalent number of free fishing days at any of our destinations where we have availability in the next season.

Is it a family holiday

It can be.
All our destinations are family friendly with facilities for non-fishing partners and children.

The Location and Weather section for the destination of your choice lists Activities and Places of interest nearby.

If you wish to charter a boat for yourself and your family you are free to decide the schedule and the level of activity.

Do the boats have toilets

There are no toilets on our fishing boats. The call of nature has to be answered naturally i.e. over the side.

Are water and meals provided on board

A packed lunch and a beverage for each angler are provided on board. This enables you to get the maximum fishing time and increases your chances of landing that trophy fish.

Is tipping included how much should I budget

It’s up to you.
We don’t include any service charges in the cost of your holiday. All our staff and crew are paid a regular monthly wage in line with the cost of living at our destinations. You are therefore not obliged to tip any staff or crew. However, if you have received excellent service and wish to leave a tip it will certainly be appreciated. Our staff and crew are aware that they should not request any tips from customers and that tipping is discretionary.

Do I need to sign an indemnity form

It is mandatory that you sign an indemnity form waving Gamefishing Asia of any liability due to any accident.
We require all guests to have appropriate travel and trip insurance and this should cover your expenses and compensation in the unlikely event of any mishap.


How do I get there

Andamans: Our Andaman Operations are based out of Port Blair. Port Blair’s VirSavarkar Airport (IXZ) is accessed by air either from Bangalore, Chennai (formerly Madras) or Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) in India.
Bangalore (BLR) & Chennai (MAA) have good international connectivity. Kolkata (CCU) however has limited direct international flights unless you are travelling from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or Dubai.
If you want to there is the option of taking the ship ride across although this is not recommended as it takes over 2 days. The flying time to Port Blair is about 2 hours, in Port Blair you will be met and assisted on arrival.


What are my visa requirements

A Tourist Visa on Arrival facility is currently available for holders of passports of certain countries. You apply online, upload your photo and passport page and make payment. You will be issued with an Electronic Travel Authorization.
This must be done a minimum of 4 days prior to your arrival in India with a window of 30 days. Example: If you are applying on 1st September then you can select an arrival date from 05th September to 04th October.

Please visit to check your eligibility and the full terms and conditions. This facility will eventually be expanded to cover most countries.

If your country is currently not on the list you will need to obtain a visa from the nearest Indian High Commission/ Embassy or authorised application centre. You are normally required to fill in the application online but your passport / biometrics may need to be taken in person or sent off for the visa to be issued. When applying online please make sure that you only do this with an authorised application centre as there are a number of websites that are not authorised by the Indian High Commission and charge unnecessary fees for their services. The form is fairly straight forward.

To find authorised agents search online for the Indian Embassy for your country. Click through to their visa services page. This will give you a link to the agency and the online visa application form.

If you are not able to avail the Tourist Visa on Arrival facility, don’t leave applying for your Indian Visa to the last minute. Allow anything between 1 week and 3 weeks for processing of your Indian Visa.

How do I get a restricted area permit (Andamans)

It will be issued on arrival in Port Blair.
We recommend getting a normal tourist visa for India. On arrival at Port Blair airport you will be issued with a Restricted Area Permit after filling out the required form. The Restricted Area Permit is granted for the duration of your stay not exceeding 28 days.

What medical precautions do I need to take

It’s best to contact your GP and advise them of the destination that you are travelling to. If it is your first time or many years since you travelled to the tropics, you may need to have some precautionary vaccinations and/or medications. Some of these need to be taken up to 4 weeks before you travel.
When traveling you can however keep yourself fairly safe with the following:
Use mosquito repellents
Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with a high SPF
Stay Hydrated – Drink only bottled water when out and about.
Don’t eat anywhere that appears unhygienic, it probably is.


If you need local currency exchanging foreign currency at your destination usually gives you a better rate.

India : Indian Rupees (INR)
Change money on arrival in India at the international airport. Don’t wait till you get to Port Blair as there are limited currency conversion places.
1 USD = 64.96 Indian Rupees (approx @ 26/10/2015)

Andamans - Luggage & Duty Free

Travelling to the Andamans involves a domestic flight from Chennai or Kolkata to Port Blair. Follow these tips to avoid extra charges and get the most out of your allowances:

  • Book tickets all the way to Port Blair and try to get an increased baggage allowance
  • Weight limits on the domestic sector are usually less than on international flight and are strictly enforced
  • Don’t carry trolling rods and reels & hire tackle to keep weight down
  • Buy your own alcohol at duty free on international arrival, it is not available in the domestic airport
  • Put alcohol & cigarette lighters in your checked in luggage as you need to transfer from international to domestic airports/terminals


What is the electrical connector type

India 3 round pins – Type D

Voltage for India is 220 – 240 volts, the same as UK and Europe but different from America

India & Sri Lanka plug types

Plug Types

What type of clothing should I carry on my trip

Light tropical clothing that dries quickly and is comfortable is recommended. We also recommend that you carry a raincoat, sun protective headwear & sunglasses.
A good pair of non-slip shoes for boat trips are also necessary.

Will I have Wi-Fi and internet access

Wi-Fi internet access is available. You can access the internet on your own Wi-Fi device. Wi-Fi is available in common areas of the accommodation.
Connection speeds in Sri Lanka are quite good but they are rather slow in the Andamans. They should be sufficient for email and other applications that do not require high connection speeds.

Do I need insurance

You must have travel insurance as a condition of your booking. Make sure that your travel Insurance covers offshore sport fishing and covers the full cost of your trip in the event of a weather related cancellation.

Single Angler Trips

What are Single Angler Trips
  • Our Single Angler Trips are special promotional trips designed for anglers fishing by themselves to experience Popping & Jigging without incurring the extra costs of a private charter.
  • Costs are kept down by sharing the boat, transport & accommodation with other “Single Anglers”
  • The trips run on specific dates and the schedule for transfers is fixed based on the latest arrival and the earliest departure from the destination.
  • If you sign up for a Single Angler Trip you’ll need to arrive, fish & depart with the rest of the group’s schedule.
  • Please make sure you are 100% committed before asking to book a place on a trip.
  • In return for your flexibility & commitment to the trip you’ll get to meet new friends, share fishing tips & techniques and enjoy the amazing Popping & Jigging at our destinations for a great price.
How do Single Angler Trips work
  • Single Angler trips are advertised on our website and through various email promotions.
  • The advert specifies the arrival date, the fishing days and the departure time. It also tells you the boat that we intend to use for the trip and the minimum number of anglers required for the trip to run.
  • If you see a trip that you’re ready to book email us with your details and the trip you are interested in.
  • We will log your interest against your chosen trip.
  • When the minimum number of people specified are ready to book the trip (you’ve chosen) we’ll send each one an invoice and ask you to pay a deposit.
  • Once you’ve paid your deposit you’ve confirmed your place but the trip is only confirmed when the remaining anglers pay their deposits.
  • Once the minimum number of places have been confirmed – the trip is confirmed & we’ll let you know.
  • If you agree we’ll get you connected to the other anglers in your group so you can chat about your preparation and compare notes and goals.
  • We’ll co-ordinate the group’s transfers, accommodation & fishing
  • To fit in with the group:
    You must arrive before 12:00 noon on the arrival date (the day before the first day of fishing)
    You must depart after 18:00 on the departure date (the day after the last day of fishing)
  • Single Rooms & separate transfers can be arranged for an extra cost.

Our Services

Do you cater to special meal requirements

We are able to cater to certain meal preferences and dietary intolerances. Please let us know at the time of making your booking so that we can confirm this.

Can I have my laundry done

Laundry services are available for an extra charge.

What services are included in my trip

Unless otherwise specified, the following services are included in the cost of your trip:
All accommodation during your trip from arrival to departure
All meals as per the provided itinerary
All fishing and boat hire charges
All transfers from arrival to departure except for additional sightseeing.