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Erland, Ola, Hans & Mikael in Kirinda

Erland, Ola, Hans & Mikael in Kirinda

Erland, Ola, Hans and Mikael joined us for a bit of fishing as part of their tour of Asia. The boys had just finished up with a visit to Bangkok and were looking for some R&R before heading to the next destination. Little did they know I was about to put them to work!

I had the guys for two days and we mixed it up with a bit of Popping Trolling and Jigging as we explored the reef systems of Great and Little Basses and dropped jigs on the deeper reefs and ledges. The weather and sea was picture perfect but the current was a bit slow, we had bigger fish on the jig getting serious beat downs a couple of times as well as landing a number of Trevally and Grouper species most of which were new to me.

All in all it was a great couple of days in a fantastic location and we’re just starting to get rolling on our season here in Kirinda. Stay tuned for more action!


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