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Dutch Anglers in Kirinda

Dutch Anglers in Kirinda

At 08.00am the two big fish anglers, Michel and Jon arrived in Kirinda Harbour for their first day’s fishing. Greeted by the crew, all their gear was loaded in to the boat and the engines fired up.

The aim for the trip was to target GT and to catch one over 30kg, so popping was the main tactic to go to.

Trying some Jigging during their first day they managed one GT in the morning. Switching over to popping in the late hours of the day, Michel and Jon were able to end the day on a total of 11 bites.

The following days brought a lot of sun and calm weather. The mornings gave the usual slow activity with the action arriving in the afternoon treating the Dutch men with 44bites during day 2-4.
In the middle of the action the scales slowly ticked closer to the 30kg mark with weights of 18, 24 and 28kg.

Jon’s fish of 28kg took just over the reef in only 6 meters of water and displayed a massive strength, trying to reach the rocks below.

Having popped hard all week, Michel was still waiting for that 30kg with two days to go.

On the last day, the captain started his last drift of the trip with only minutes to sundown.
Suddenly Michel gets a big hit on his popper and the rod immediately bends over. The Shimano Stella starts screaming like a pig and Michel realizes that it’s the fish of the trip. After a back breaking fight, the deckhand can finally net Michel’s personal best GT at 30kg!

They returned to their hotel with a total of 80 bites during their fishing in Kirinda. We hope they will be back soon for bigger & harder fighting fish.

You can read their three part report on the Dutch Angler’s website by clicking on the links below:

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