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No Barbed HooksWe’ve drawn up a list of the best combinations of rods, reels, line, leaders, hooks & lures to make sure you’re properly equipped.

All our recommendations have been tried and tested to make sure your tackle is a match for the fish you want to catch. However every now and then you come across a fish that re-writes the rule book.


Rods: You will need a spinning rod rated for Pe8 to Pe10 line and it should be able to handle at a minimum 10 kg of consistent drag pressure. A rod length of 7’6” to 8’6”, with a butt intersection will be the perfect tool for the job. 80 lb class is minimum, best is 100 lb class.

Reels: A spinning reel like the Shimano Stella SW 14000 HG and upwards size or the Daiwa Saltiga 6000, 6500 size would be ideal for the job. For GT popping you will need a reel that has minimum retrieve/ Gear ratio of 5.0 to 1 and above and as earlier mentioned be able to put out at least 10kg drag smoothly and consistently.
The line cap should be at least 180 meters of PE 8 and for the bigger fish you can use PE 8-12 on a reel being able to take at least 180 meters of it.

Braided line: 80 lb or 100 lb (Jerry Brown, Tuff Line, Power Pro)

Leaders: When using PE lines and high drag settings a good shock leader is essential for GT we normally use 170 lb to 220 lb shock leaders of about 1.5-3 meters length, this absorbs the immense forces in the system coupled with the GT strike and head and tail whacking. Monofilament leader is recommended over fluorocarbon. Fisherman Stealth or Varivas Shock Leader are good options

Lures: For lures we recommend having at least 20 lures in your arsenal, these can be from 120 gms to about 200gms. Bigger, louder, splashing and popping lures are good for the large GT’s. Craft Bait GT3, Hammerhead E-Cup and I-Cup, Heru Cubera 150 or Orion Cono Cono 160

Stick-baits: One’s that swim just below the surface or sinking models are very effective. With GT any colour will work. If the fish are on the feed they will hammer anything that moves. Some good colours to have are those that resemble baitfish like the Mackerel coloured lures, Red heads, green and black, purple, etc. ASWB, Siren or Orion Big Foot and Nambas.

Others lures that work well for GT’s are Pencil Poppers like Fisherman Paro Paro. These lures work wonders on some days especially when sea is really flat.

Treble Hooks: Only strong ones like Decoy GT Special in size 8/0 an 10/0. We recommend Gamakatsu GT Recorder in size 6/0 and upwards because these treble’s are barbeless and are really good for fish and safety on board.

Split Rings: Owner 11H or equivalent power in other brands !!!

Rods: Any Jigging rods 5′ to 6’6” long, 2 pieces, rated for Pe5 to Pe8 line, with recommended jig weights of 150-400 grams. Spinning or conventional rods can be used based on an angler’s preference. 60 lb to 80 lb class are best suited.

Reels : A quality spinning reel like the Shimano Stellas SW 20000, SW 18000, SW 10000 can be used. Also the Daiwa Saltiga range like the 6500 or 6000, may be used. However it is important to make sure that reels have a low gear ratio which makes jigging a far easier task and also provide the grunt needed for winching up hard fighting fish from the deep.

Overhead jigging reels are also gaining popularity with hardcore jiggers. There aren’t as many reels to choose from but the right reel for the job can be found with the necessary line capacity and right gearing.

Line : Jigging has gained popularity mainly due to the use of ‘super lines and braid’. The use of braid makes it easier to feel the jig at a depth of 50 meters or more. Also the no stretch quality of braid works well when jigging at greater depths.

There are a wide array of brands available and colour coded jigging line is best suited apart from finding a line with a very narrow diameter.

60 lb or 80 lb, the best is Varivas Avani Big Ones in PE4 or PE5. The Daiwa Accudepth 80 lb is another good option.

Leaders : monofilament, no fluorocarbon because it is not flexible enough, Varivas Shock Leader and Fisherman stealth in 100 lb or 140 lb

Jigs : need to be 200 g and over. The best here is 300 g as the boat can drift fast with the strong currents. Duel Tamentai, Shimano Butterfly, Fisherman Andaman, Skill Jig.

Color : natural, pink or orange (you need a good stock of jigs as these are a favourite of Spanish Mackrel that can bite through the leaders. Use a short wire leader to reduce the chance of this happening.

Terminal Tackle / Assist hooks : The use of quality terminal tackle is one area which is commonly overlooked. Quality assist hooks ranging from size 9/0 to 13/0 are standard sizes here. Split rings and solid rings with a minimum breaking strain of 200lbs is a must apart from a supply of Kevlar assist cord.

You can also make your own. To do this you’ll need :
A Solid Ring : like Owner Solid Ring size 9
Line cord : the best is the Varivas Assist Line SS 80
A Good Jigging hook : like Shout Kudako size 7/0 and 9/0 or Owner SJ-41 size 13/0

Rod : 60 lb class (PE 4)

Reel : Stella or Saltiga with a very good retrieve

Braided line : 50/60 lb like PE 4 (Varivas, Power Pro)

Leader : Monofilament 100 lb to 140 lb (Fisherman Stealth or Varivas Shock Leader)

Lures : when it’s frenzy time, the best lures are pencil popper like Yo-Zuri Surface Bull, Orion Flapper or South African Lure Ice Cream GT.

Sometimes sinking Stickbait’s make the difference. Good choices are FC Labo CSP HS, DUO Pressbait or Sebile Stick Shadd SS.

Hooks : Most efficient are good single hooks like Decoy JS Sergent

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Zeyn had fished with us back in October and vowed to do another trip after he had a taste of fishing for the Andaman GTs. This time he had put together a group of South Africans who were all fishing addicts. However, apart from Zeyn all of them were on their first GT trip. They had only heard and read what GT fishing was all about and wanted to get a first-hand experience. Zeyn had made sure they were fully kitted out for their trip, with a selection of Ripple Fisher popping rods and an array of Shimano Stella reels. For jigging they were equipped with Yamaga Blanks Galahad rods and Shimano Talica reels. The thing is, as almost always happens, these newbie groups get so taken up with the topwater action that our Andaman GTs provide that we hardly do any jigging for the full trip.

We could not have asked for a better start to the trip for the group, as we quickly ran into a GT feeding frenzy. Almost every cast was being followed or hit and at one point we had all the clients on fish more than once. If you want to quickly get used to what GT fishing strikes can be like, then this was a perfect opportunity. Moving from one spot to another, the action continued albeit not with the same intensity of a feeding frenzy. Coming up to one spot, as we started the drift, Ahmed who was fishing from the back of the boat had a take from a fish that at best looked in the 20-kilo range. Knowing that this size fish can be feisty, we were not surprised when Ahmed said the fish was putting some hurt on him. But then the fish took off with far too much power for a 20-kilo fish and after a proper battle we put on deck a GT of 135 cm and 51 kilos on the scales. What an achievement for a 66-year old angler!

Accurate casting plays a big part in getting the lure into the right place at the right time. Given that Giant Trevally are also ambush predators the angler who can put a lure into the right spot accurately will get onto more fish than anglers who blind cast. This was the case again when an accurately cast Gamma 140 landed in the right zone, next to a rock formation. A few twitches and there was an explosion on the lure, setting the hook as the fish ran in an arc from shallow to deeper water which effectively meant that if the tackle held up the GT would be boated, and it did, much to everyone’s delight and Hanif had put another 44-kilo weighed GT on board.

With the GTs having done their part for the trip, we decided to jig and managed to get multiple small dogtooth tuna, but the guys wanted more popping action, so I guess that we will be seeing them back again in the not-too-distant future for the next round.

Till our next report,
Tight lines,
Team GFA

Tackle Used

Popping Rods: Ripple Fisher
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella 14000, 18000
Popping Lures: Patriot Design, Carpenter Gamma, HammerHead, Hots Keiko, Heru GT Mania, FCL Labo TBO,

Jigging Rods: Yamaga blanks Galahad
Jigging Reels: Shimano Talica
Jigs: Shout, Seven Seas

Species Landed: Giant Trevally, Dogtooth tuna, Barracuda, Bluefin Trevally, Bohar Snapper
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Zeyn had fished with us back in October and vowed to do another trip after he had a taste of fishing for the Andaman GTs. This time he had put together a group of South Africans who were all fishing a...

The old man and the #monster 🐟 #gianttrevally , a proper thumper #gianttrevally 50 kg ++ #lurefishing #offshorefishing #getoutandfish #outdoorlife #angling #gtpopping #boatlife #fishshimano #fishing #fishingtrip #instagramfishing #fishpicoftheday #catchandrelease #bluewater #offshore #sportfishing #catchandrelease #andamansea #andamanislands #india #gtfishing #bluewater #boating #ocean #fishingtrip #vacation #travelphotography ... See MoreSee Less

Merv, along with friends Raislin and Bernard, was joined by Wee Lee from the Lure Connection in Singapore. Last time around the guys had missed out and were back this time to try and make up for it. The weather forecast looked ok for the first few days of the trip but looked like it could turn on us the last few days. Changing weather at this time of the year is expected as the summer heat builds up in the tropics. We have had flat, calm seas for the last week or so. Rain and a bit of wind could be a double-edged sword that could temporarily put the fish off feeding, but the benefit could be that they would turn on again once the weather abated.

We started off with some jigging action and were immediately into fish - plenty of small dogtooth and GT’s. We were all using lighter jigging gear and it was great fun to hook up on the PE 3-4 and have some blistering runs. There were a few substantial fish that we had to follow but they all managed to bust off, one even after we managed to follow it for over a quarter of a mile. We moved over to a popping spot for the last fishing hour of the day and had three hits that were converted, with Bernard getting his PB on day one.

Following the weather closely, we tried to get out to our best spots so that we would could get in as much action as possible. This was a good call as Raislin managed to connect with a proper monster that smacked his popper and took off. It was a short thick fish that pulled scale down to 53 kilos! We managed to raise another two big GT’s; one bust the PE 10 line on the take and another burst onto the lure but failed to connect and did not come back. There was plenty of action through the day with some fun-sized GT’s to keep everyone going.

Over the next two days we had lots of action, along with some double and triple hook ups. Wee Lee showed us some jigging techniques which worked very well here. He also got a really nice fish estimated at 38 kilos - by the formula - on topwater casting. The action however was in short sessions and it could be from the fact that fish were moving so that each time we caught up with them we would have hits in quick succession. The jigging also resulted in solid fish hooking up, that screamed off even on PE 4-5 but dropped the hooks shortly after.

As predicted, the weather started to turn and on the last day we had to cancel our intended fishing area and dodge lightning and thunder storms as the skies blackened and the heavens open up and dumped some torrential rain around the islands. The changing weather put the fish off for the rest of the day and we found the going tough and we resorted to trying everything. Our efforts paid off with a dogtooth tuna on a mackerel live bait to call the trip done. A big congratulations to Raislin again for putting big mama on deck; it’s going to be a tough one to top.

Till our next report,
Tight Lines,
Team GFA

Tackle Used

Popping Rods: Carpenter, Ripple-fisher, FCL
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella,
Popping Lures: FCL, Carpenter, Hammer Head, GPC, Amegari, Pin 150

Jigging Rods: Posideon, Yamaga Blanks, Major Craft
Jigging Reels: Shimano Stella, Accurate
Jigs: Shout, Fisherman Andaman, Seven Seas Hooker, Yo-Zuri

Species Caught: Giant Trevally, Coral Trout, Grouper, Bohar Snapper, Dogtooth Tunas, Gold Spot Trevally, Green Jobfish, Sweetlips,
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Merv, along with friends Raislin and Bernard, was joined by Wee Lee from the Lure Connection in Singapore. Last time around the guys had missed out and were back this time to try and make up for it. T...

53 kilos of pure power, just before the bad weather, the beast from the east #gianttrevally #lurefishing #offshorefishing #getoutandfish #outdoorlife #angling #gtpopping #boatlife #fishshimano #fishing #fishingtrip #instagramfishing #fishpicoftheday #catchandrelease #bluewater #offshore #sportfishing #catchandrelease #andamansea #andamanislands #india #gtfishing #bluewater #boating #ocean #fishingtrip #vacation #travelphotography ... See MoreSee Less

Clarence, Russel, Ray, Rainer, Daniel, Tim, Brian, Thomas, Wong Guo, Ibrahim, Xiang.
This was a trip much anticipated after last year’s awesome big fish trip. We broke up the group into two groups the over 40 years age group and the below 40 age group. There was much ribbing as to which boat would take top honours; brawn versus brain apparently was to be the tactics to get the most and largest fish on board.

As has become the expected norm, the action was great in periods of high intensity and slow when the current was not moving. The big GT’s made the show they were called unto to provide, but there were just too many misses. Missed opportunities mean that a big GT is not going to give you another chance and you will need to wait till another one takes a fancy to your lure on a particular day.

We had some highlight moments as well with Rainer hooking up two fish on one lure, a grouper and a GT; what a great double header.

Ray, who has recently discovered the delights of micro jigging, managed a very creditable dogtooth tuna of 15 kilos on PE 0.6. Ray was also not to be outdone on topwater, when his GT Harrier was inhaled by a 35 kilo GT, which he put on board in short time.

Just before the trip began I had a chat with Brian and told him that a big GT would make a terrific picture if it sat on his lap; he did just that for us with a his PB GT - a 36 kilo fish

Tim put himself on top of top-of-the-week chart with a 38 kilo GT. Agreat take followed by a really scrappy fight meant it was truly a well-earned fish.

Russel, the quiet assassin, it must be said - as we have always seen him quietly fishing from the casting station at the back of the boat from where, over the last few visits, he always hooks and lands some nice fish and this year it was no different.

The lure of the trip was the Kokari popper which worked in both the 130 and 160 configurations and put all the big fish on deck. Another thing to ensure our formula’s accuracy for the discerning angler - we have additionally been weighing fish over 130 cm and so far the results have been spot on.

In the end though, it did pan out that brawn (sorry guys no offense) or the below 40 age group did trump this trip both in numbers and in the size of the GT’s landed. The old warriors will need to lick their wounds and return to have another go, one more time, in an epic rematch that you will need to stay tuned for. Till next time, enjoy the pictures.

Tight lines,
Team GFA

Tackle Used
Popping Rods: Carpenter, Ripple-fisher, El-Toro, Hammerhead Faube
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Saltiga, Penn
Popping Lures: FCL, Kokari, Cubera, Amberjack Lures, Carpenter, Hammer Head, GT Harrier

Jigging Rods: Posideon, Yamaga Blanks, Ripple Fisher
Jigging Reels: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Saltiga
Jigs: Shout, Fisherman Andaman, Seven Seas Hooker, Yo-Zuri

Species Caught: Giant Trevally, Coral Trout, Grouper, Bohar Snapper, Dogtooth Tuna, Bludger Trevally
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Clarence, Russel, Ray, Rainer, Daniel, Tim, Brian, Thomas, Wong Guo, Ibrahim, Xiang. This was a trip much anticipated after last year’s awesome big fish trip. We broke up the group into two groups t...