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• Leader material – 30 lb, 40lb, 50 lb fluorocarbon or mono shock leader. Colour transparent white or light pink

• Line – Mono or braided line colour white, moss green or khaki depending on water conditions – check the tabs below for the best line options for spinning, luring & bait fishing

• Swivels and snap locks, should be rated for at least 70-100lb

• Weighing scales 50 Kg

• Weighing sling 5′ in length

• Lip Grip

• Proper Shoes – Rocks are slippery and you will be standing in water most of the time.

• Light rain gear

• Headlamp / Torch


Jointed Lure7000i

Spinning Rods – 8 to 10′ in length. 30-100gm cast weight.

Line – mono 20 lb, braided line 40-65 lb

Reels Spinning – ( Shimano size reference ) 6000-8000

Spinners like Mepps in sizes 4,5,6 Colours silver or gold.

Spoons between 1″ to 3″ in silver and brass colour also green firetiger for muddy water conditions.

Lures – 1 to 2 meter diving lures.

Jointed Lures – 4″ to 6″ in length work well in brown trout pattern, or silver with black backs and a touch of yellow and red at the bottom. Grey and silver with dark grey backs and a touch of yellow and red at the bottom.

Non-jointed Plugs 4″-6″ in length with similar colouration as the jointed plugs.

Avoid multi coloured and loud colours in clear water.

Shallow diving Barramundi lures also produce results. Green firetiger pattern works well in muddy water conditions.

All lures should be fitted out with size 1 or 2 hooks made from at least 3x wire and dependable split rings. Single hooks are a good option. Choose one size larger if using single hooks

Bait fishing rod – for live or dead bait 300gm cast weight.

Line – 40-50 lb mono

Bait fishing Reel – ( Shimano size reference ) Baitrunner 12000 or Big baitrunner. Multiplier (Shimano size reference) 600 or 700. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 7000 or 10000.

Hooks – for bait fishing Sizes 3/0 to 7/0

Carry durable rubber bands and stitching thread. This will be useful for tying river rocks to your rig to be used as a sinker

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