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DESTINATION BY FISHING TYPE | India | Expeditions : Pancheshwar

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Gamefishing Asia’s expedition trips at Pancheshwar Fishing retreat run from:

  • 01 March to 30 April
  • 01 October to 30 November

At Pacheshwar you’ll be fishing for the beautiful Golden Mahseer. The Mahseer is one of the largest in the Carp family.

Mahseer were first mentioned as an angling challenge by the Oriental Sport Fishing Magazine in 1833 and soon became the fish of choice for British Anglers living in India. There are historical reports of Mahseer growing to 2.75 meters (9feet) in length and 54kg (119lb) in weight. Although specimens of this size are rarely seen nowadays the Mahseer remains a dream  fish for anglers and is known for it’s fight.

The fish thrive in cool, oxygenated water with a rocky bed and the rivers flowing down from the Himalayas provide an ideal but diminishing habitat for these beautiful creatures

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