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Gamefishing Asia’s expedition trips at Pancheshwar Fishing retreat run from:

  • 01 March to 30 April
  • 01 October to 30 November

At Pacheshwar you’ll be fishing for the beautiful Golden Mahseer. The Mahseer is one of the largest in the Carp family.

Mahseer were first mentioned as an angling challenge by the Oriental Sport Fishing Magazine in 1833 and soon became the fish of choice for British Anglers living in India. There are historical reports of Mahseer growing to 2.75 meters (9feet) in length and 54kg (119lb) in weight. Although specimens of this size are rarely seen nowadays the Mahseer remains a dream  fish for anglers and is known for it’s fight.

The fish thrive in cool, oxygenated water with a rocky bed and the rivers flowing down from the Himalayas provide an ideal but diminishing habitat for these beautiful creatures

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For the first week of February we started off with Loic - a returning customer from last season, along with his friends Adam and Loay -and two-time Kirinda veteran Jefry Bin Ali who joined us with his team of Stephen, Firdaus and Rudy. All the guys had come fully kitted up, as we had had prior discussions on what tackle to carry and a bit of experience from having fished here before also helped. Jefry's group was on a different plane though; it's been a long while since we have had a good look at a great collection of lures including the likes of Craft Bait, Hammer Head, numerous Carpenter Gammas and Bluefish, along with the new Amegaris. We were on full moon on arrival day and all the conditions seemed to be right as we started with a blue blood moon and a lunar eclipse - the perfect recipe for big currents and hopefully monster fish coming out to play ball.

The first day proved to be just this ripping current and breezy conditions. Deciding to make the most of the conditions, we pushed to start farther and had a bit of a wait for the tide to change before the action started happening. The choppy conditions were making it difficult to see bait; however, we did see some and immediately started to get some strikes from good-sized fish, which were all dropped due to slack line. Jefry, on his third attempt, came tight with a nice fish that took him around the boat before we got it on a deck - a great GT estimated by its 125-cm length to be around 35 kilos. Shortly after that Firdaus had a chance with a huge dogtooth on topwater but a missed hook up saw the fish get away. Rudy was up next with a decent 25-kilo GT that went for his Craft Bait. Meanwhile, the other boat decided to brave the big currents fishing deeper. They got 12 fish boated but all were small. Later that day, on the tide change, that all changed for Loic when his Temple Reef Ballista was smashed. After a great fight in shallow water he put a 45-kilo GT on deck. The fish had a 135-cm fork length - the first 40+ kilo fish landed on Tropical Star. More hits followed and after putting a few more fish on deck we called the day.

The next few days saw the winds pick up a bit - most probably brought on by the strong current and big tides. We landed lots of GT along with the usual few Bohar Snappers and Jobfish. However, the bigger fish seemed to be only looking at the lures and the few that we did see had a look and took off. The GTs that we landed however had full stomachs - a sure sign that they we were feeding in the later evening tides which we cannot fish due to the regulations in place. In between casting , Loay and Adam tried a bit of micro jigging and caught a lot of fish - a multitude of species amidst non-stop action. It's great when you have more than one option in case you get tired or one type of fishing is not working; mixing it up and trying something else that works is the great part about fishing the Andaman Islands where there are so many different options.

Apart from the winds picking up, we also had rain showers and generally colder-than-normal climate, cloudy overcast conditions, rain squalls and lower water temperatures that put the fish off the feed and that was how it was to be till the end of the week. With tentative stabs at the lures, we had many hits which did not convert into any hook ups. Firdaus had the last decent fish of the trip, which probably out of sheer greed smacked the Hammer Head popper. We however were not complaining.

We had our chances this trip as well, which, if converted, would have made this report completely different. Some days you can do everything right, but if luck is not on your side and the fish don't play ball, too bad! Nevertheless, rest assured we will come back fighting again next week with another report.

A couple of days into Loic’s and Jefry’s trip, we were joined, on the third boat, by some of our Japanese friends. With a short trip comprising just three days fishing off Rampage, Seto San’s group from Japan, comprising six anglers, had their task pretty much cut out for them. With an average speed of twelve knot winds coming in from the NE and overcast conditions, those poppers and stick-baits were going to have to be worked extra hard, which these clients from the far east are anyway good at. Apart from the usual few big GT that didn’t stay hooked for too long, ten fish did make it to the deck on day one. Half of those were GT, with the rest being a mix of Bluefin Ttrevally and Bohar Snapper. Our weather forecast showed similar conditions over the next two days but the fishing was good on day two and we had a nice GT nearing the 25 kilo mark on light tackle and an even bigger dogtooth, with proud anglers picking them up to capture some great pics. A few misses showed again that big Giant Trevally were around and were rising to the lures. We couldn’t really complain under these conditions and yet again managed more than ten fish on deck. With a final day of fishing left for this group, we decided to try a spot that was left alone for a while and it proved the right decision to give our clients a burst of action late in the morning at change of tide. They had a few chances at big fish but had to settle for the smaller ones that provided constant action, to end their final day of the trip with fifteen fish on deck.
As I write this report we just got news of some exciting monster catches with our guests from the UK. Stay tuned for that report coming soon and enjoy this next lot of pics till then. Tight lines from us all at GFA.

Tackle Used

Jefry Ali’s Group
Popping Rods: Carpenter, Ripple fisher
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Salitga
Lures: Carpenter, Craft Bait, Amegari, Hammer Head, Cubera, FCL Ebipop, FCL CSP

Jigging Rods: MC Works, Ripple Fisher
Jigging Reels: Shimano Stella
Jigs: Jigging Master, Fisherman, Shout, Seven Seas

Loic’s Group
Popping Rods: KOZ Expedition, Ripple Fisher
Popping Reels: Daiwa Saltiga, Shimano Stella, Shimano Saragosa
Lures: Temple Reef, Fish Trippers, Frosty, Carpenter, Orion, Alles Lures, Hammer Head,

Seto Ryuta’s Group
Popping Rods: Carpenter, Ripple fisher
Popping Reels: Shimano Stella, Daiwa Salitga
Lures: Carpenter, Yo-Zuri

Species Caught: Giant Trevally, Dogtooth, Green Jobfish, Bohar Snapper, Bluefin trevally, Maori Perch, Tomato Grouper
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For the first week of February we started off with Loic - a returning customer from last season, along with his friends Adam and Loay -and two-time Kirinda veteran Jefry Bin Ali who joined us with his...

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fish a prime fishing week in March (5-day trip) on our 37 ft boat, at 2016-17 season rates! Last minute slot availability due to a scheduling change. If you’ve been mulling that trip to the Andamans and sitting on the fence about it, sit no more! This is your chance to make that coveted trip with Gamefishing Asia and fish for monster tropical predators including Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna and Grouper.

Arrive: March 11, 2018
Fish: March 12 – 16, 2018 (5 days)*
Depart: March 17, 2018
*Option to add an extra day(s) at additional cost

Price: USD $8,980.00 for 4 persons for 5 days | Per Person Price: USD $2245.00
Single Angler Price: USD $2350.00 (subject to minimum interest)

Fishing permit fees extra (~$40 per person per day for foreign anglers)

Package includes boat hire charges, meals on AP plan for 6 days, accommodation at Kokari Guest House on sharing basis, return airport transfers.

Email to book your trip. ACT NOW!!
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Chris and Paul had last fished in Costa Rica and it seemed like a pleasant experience, from what they described. They were both quite eager to get out onto the water and have themselves a great fishing experience and showed a keen interest in bottom fishing, especially after the relentless casting the whole of the first day and being eluded by any big GT that were around. We stocked up on bait the next day and took them out to an area that would cover a variety of fishing spots from shallow reefs to slightly deeper water with structure and some pristine coastline. We cast at the occasional bait balls that we saw en route and got some follows and takes from small GT. We had to load the line with lots of lead when we needed to get to the bottom with bait in the strong current and repeated drifts over areas that showed fish markings on the GPS. These guys loved their fishing and although the weather was still not ideal, with a haze still hanging over the sea and water temperatures still on the colder side, they were working really hard for their GT’s. To make things tough, the special spots we had reserved for our clients were just not firing. After setting up some paternoster rigs for bottom fishing, we started catching a variety of fish and on one occasion we pulled up a large rainbow runner which, much to Paul’s dismay, we decided to put onto the live bait rig. Nothing went for him though and part of the reason was that it was a smart fish that decided to swim back to the boat and stay secure under the hull of Tropical Star. We did manage a lot of other fish like snapper and coral trout and small shark on bait and we suspect the ones that cut through the line were barracuda. We did a bit of jigging as well and landed some small dogtooth tuna and green jobfish. There were decent fish that pulled out fair amount of drag and made away with the assist hooks - most probably dogtooth tuna. At one point we fished really close to shore where some dolphin had herded a school of bait fish but the poppers weren’t drawing anything to the surface. Things changed when Chris changed over to a stick-bait and he got hammered by a decent size GT that encouraged Paul to shift to stick-bait as well. It worked and he too was rewarded with a smaller geet. We did a bit of trolling as well over some structure at 12 meters and had barely set out a deep diver when the drag screamed off the multiplier and Paul was left fighting another decent GT. We trolled other areas at intervals and raised fish to the Rapala lures trailing the boat. The red and whites worked nicely like they always do all over the world. Every day was spent with a mix of trolling, jigging, popping and bottom fishing and each method brought fish on deck and the final day’s fishing ended with three GT in quick succession, just before we headed back home, to close this year’s Andaman chapter for Chris and Paul.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian anglers on Reef Raider were headed out loaded with big poppers and stick-baits and they would be spending this trip casting just that. The group comprised of Lionel, Charles, Sam, Jonathan and Eugene, most of whom for which this was a first time experience i.e. hardcore popping for GT and they were treated to some shocking moments with big GT screaming off with almost locked down drags. Landing a nice GT above 30 kilos on day one was a good way to begin the trip. We had planned our trip so the tides gave us the best conditions in terms of targeting monster GTs. The boys managed to raise a few and even had them hooked for a while but unfortunately again, none made it onto the boat. Lionel, the most experienced of them, hooked and fought a really nice dogtooth tuna that tipped the scales at 40 plus kilos. He had the biggest GT on board as well coming in at just under the 40-kilo mark. There were multiple hook ups too, with Bohar snapper and GT patrolling the same area. It was unfortunate to keep losing big fish after all the hard work they were putting into their casting, but when you’re new to this kind of fishing you are going to learn the hard way. The difference between a good fishing trip and a great fishing trip is converting those strikes and landing fish. The group managed to put a lot of fish onto the boat but lost at least thirty fish and this included some of the biggest GT we have seen this season that did give them an opportunity to be landed. The barracuda were wrecking havoc on their expensive poppers and on the final day they landed seven of them among a total of nineteen fish boated. The biggest Barracuda weighed close to 30 kilos and made for a nice pic.

Paul and Chris fished on Tropical Star while Alwyn Tan’s group fished on Reef Raider this entire trip and both groups were amazed by the sheer scenic beauty of the locations they fished. They re-lived the moments when they had multiple hook ups and as usual we had more than a few anglers swearing to hit the gym once they got back home. They’ve had a taste of our Andaman GT and know how physically demanding it is to tackle a 40-kilo Giant Trevally. They have sworn to be back and next time they’re back they promised us not to miss as many fish. Enjoy the pics that follow and look out for the next report from team GFA that is coming soon.

Tackle Used

Rods: Carpenter, Ripple Fisher, Racepoint 200 and 250, Shimano, Outer Banks OBX 300
Reels: Shimano Stella 18k and 20k, Daiwa Saltiga, Shimano Saragosa, Penn Slammer
Lures: Hammerhead, Carpenter, Blaze Garage, Heru, Rapala , Halco and Kokari 130g and 160g

Species Landed: Giant Trevally, Golden Trevally, Bluefin Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Bohar Snapper, Grouper, Barracuda, Green Jobfish, Rainbow Runner, Shark, Coral Trout, Trigger fish.
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Chris and Paul had last fished in Costa Rica and it seemed like a pleasant experience, from what they described. They were both quite eager to get out onto the water and have themselves a great fishin...