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The exotic Andman and Nicobar Islands are a chain of hundreds of volcanic islands situated in the Bay of Bengal, closer to Thailand than to India. These are one of the rare places where native tribes still exist, separated from civilization to this day. The islands are a former penal colony and were occupied by the Japanese during World War II.

Some of the finest white sand beaches in Asia combine with crystal clear waters and reef systems to give the Andamans a diversity seldom seen and make it a must visit destination.

This fishing paradise is where we started our saltwater angling charters in 2006. We fish the South Andaman’s and Ritchie’s Archipelago from our base in Port Blair. The island chain is surrounded by canyons, seamounts, up-wellings and ripping currents that scream across reefs and deep channels making the area a predator’s paradise and spectacular for fishing.

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