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Darren, Rachel & Sam

Darren, Rachel & Sam

It is not often that we get a call from a dive operation telling us they have clients who are interested in fishing with us. Some close friends who run a dive operation at the Southern tip of the South Andaman Island got in touch with us regarding a group they have who were very keen on fishing with us. It wasn’t long before Sam, Rachel and Darren walked in through the front door. They were on an extended holiday in the Andaman Islands and were sampling everything the islands had to offer.
Sam, Rachel and Darren spent their first couple of weeks learning how to dive and qualifying as open water divers before joining us. They fished with us for three days before heading off again to explore some neighboring islands and returned to fish one last day before they left the Andaman Islands.

Fishing in the Andamans

On the first day we fished off the first island heading South as there are some well sheltered reefs that are fish magnets. Once the currents were ripping we began to see a lot more activity and there were GT on the prowl looking for their meal. Darren cast his popper onto a likely bit of water and his popper was taken in a huge splash of water. Since it was their first trip GT fishing and Darren had no idea how hard these fish hit, he was pulled to the front of the boat and almost flew off it. Anxious seconds later, he managed to regain his footing and set about the tough job of winching one of these incredible fish in.

Darren's first GT

Not much later the GT was guided into the landing net and hauled on board. A couple of photographs later we released this magnificent beast back to the sea.

GT caught on Popper

The boys we soon into the tough job of hauling in GT that seemed unable to get enough of poppers. Above, Darren with a perfect specimen which was released back.

Grouper & Barracuda
We moved on to another strip of rocks that have a lot of water passing over a very shallow area. One has to be relatively quick, as fish strike right beside the boat. This spot is very prolific and we often get multiple hook ups. This particular time Darren was fighting a Grouper off the stern of the boat while Sam was tangling with a Barracuda off the bow.

Andaman GT

Darren was well into his GT fishing and had become a pro by now. He seemed to have the right moves and made his lures seem irresistible.

Rachel fighting her first GT

Rachel was soon figuring out how best to stay in the boat and not wind up in the drink. She was amazed at how hard GT pulled and soon learnt the intricacies of fighting a big fish successfully. After a well-fought fight she managed to get her GT beside the boat and we landed it for her.

Rachel and her Giant Trevally

Her smile says it all!

Rachel's second GT

Rachel was now getting more comfortable with fishing from the boat and soon had another GT beside the boat.

Awesome GT for Darren

We moved around to another side of the island that has dark stone cliffs and the water drops of deep right next to the island. One has to cast right up to the structure as the GT patrol these walls looking for prey. Very often we have some large fish in this area and they are not shy of poppers and stick baits. The great bit about fishing here is that the water is deep enough for one not to be too bothered about getting reefed.

Darren with this awesome fish in a matter of minutes.

Trebles crushed and broken by GT

We moved further and to a spot where we normally get some very large GT. On Darren’s’ second cast, his popper was struck with a huge splash that looked like someone had dropped a bathtub into the sea. Darren hung on as the fish dived deep and line poured off his reel. A couple of minutes later, when the fish had stopped running and we thought we had passed the worst bit his line went slack and we realized we’d lost a monster. Darren soon had his popper back and we saw his trebles had been crushed and broken.

Orange Spotted Grouper

Rachel caught this specimen of an Orange Spotted Grouper on jig while the group took a break from their hectic GT fishing and waited for the tide to turn.

Giant Trevally

The next day Darren was at it again. It wasn’t long before rods were bent over and there was a hectic scramble around the boat from trying to stop these brutes from getting to the reef.

GT landed on Popper

Darren posing with one of the many GT he hooked and landed on popper.

Giant Trevally

Sam with a GT caught on popper after almost thinking he was jinxed. The fish roaming about in packs and we often got bursts of action when there were strikes almost every time a popper hit the water.

Big Giant Trevally

Darren with another big GT that pretty much made the trip for him.

double hook up in the Southern Andaman Islands

While everyone was focused on the action in front of the boat as Darren was bringing his fish in, Sam hooked up off the stern and was engrossed is attempting to get his fish to the boat as fast as possible. A perfect picture of a double hook up in the Southern Andaman Islands.

aggressive GT

Sam with another small yet aggressive GT that struck his popper right beside the boat.

Red Bass

Finally a change from all the GT Darren was busy catching. Another first for him with this nice looking Red Bass that again was caught on popper. These fish make for colorful photographs and anglers are always thrilled to catch one.

Giant Trevally

Darren with yet another popper caught GT. This was the last fish of the trip for him but not the last GT.

Sam's Giant Trevally

Sam with his GT just before we called it a day and headed back to port. Darren, Sam and Rachel had a fantastic trip with us and have vowed to return to the islands someday. We know that their next trip will be nothing short of spectacular and we wish them much luck.

Over the last couple of seasons, we have seen many new anglers come out to fish with us as the GT following increases every day. We are blessed with a more than healthy population of GT that are available all year. Since we have GT in such large numbers, the Andaman Islands is a perfect venue for newer anglers venturing out to the tropics.

Tight lines!
Team GFA

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