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Breaking more than just Lines and Lures

Breaking more than just Lines and Lures

For this week we had the Chris Vigar team which included Andrew, Richard and Andrew Farr on the Rampage, and the single anglers Eric, Allan and David fishing off the Tropical Star. It was a fishing week in which we saw not one, but a few members of the team come down with problems. Kantha, who was to captain the Rampage, unfortunately fractured his foot and Monoj, the deckhand, came down with jaundice so we would have to make the best of the situation with our available resources.

We did catch some great fish this trip and will add a few highlight moments of the trip that really stand out. The first would be Andrew’s personal best GT of 41 kilo that took on the last cast in the setting sun of the evening, on one of our Kokari Lures. The huge GT came out of the water and appearing almost golden – probably by reflecting the sunlight – smashed the popper and took off. Captain Rama called big fish immediately and shortly after we landed a really awesome looking dark GT.

We all know the reputation that the Saltywater Tackle rods have – great build quality and strength – but this season we have been hooking into some bruiser dogtooth tuna which have come out on top most of the time. This time we had an attack by a couple of bruisers in quick succession. One actually managed to burst an OBX 300, just above the handle, as it screamed off. There was chaos on the boat as we put on heavy duty leadering gloves and tried to see if we could go wrestling with it. Stupid idea it turned out to be, as both Captain Rama and Prathap ended up with cut hands and the fish still bust off!!. Immediately after that a light jigged mackerel put out as live bait did not last very long and another doggie screamed off, only to bust off again.

Apart from this, we had some good action with mid-sized Geets that always put up a great fight. We believe that the best fighting GT is in the weight range of 25-35 kilo and of course, the black Geets do appear to be on steroids, no matter the size.

Eric, Allan and David – The Report from Eric

Myself and Allan Mc Lelland, plus spouses, went on a recent trip to fish the Andaman Islands with Gamefishing Asia. This was a cultural and food, educational holiday as well, with a 3 day stop off in Dubai and 2 days in Chennai on our way to the Islands. When we finally arrived in Port Blair, we settled in to the Kokari Guest House which was to be our home for the next 7 days. All the staff were very helpful and friendly, they tried to please us at all times. Our boat captain Dilip was very knowledgeable and tried very hard to put us onto the fish every day we were out, sometimes even traveling long miles to achieve his aim. The weather was brilliant with nearly flat seas every day and temperatures in the early thirties. Good job they had plenty of drinks aboard to keep us hydrated. We shared the boat with an Australian gentleman called David who, unlike us, had fished with poppers and stick-baits for GTs before. He was experienced in this type of angling, not virgins like us. Casting 110-160 gram poppers and stick-baits certainly puts a strain on the muscles and parts of my body felt as if they were on fire. This is probably why they advise to go the gym for a few months before you try this type of fishing. Fight through the No Pain, No Gain syndrome and you will be rewarded with some nice fish. We had Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Barracuda, Coronation Trout and Allan got bust twice with something that did not want to play fair. I am not going to bore you any more; here are some pics.

Note: David did in fact pick up the biggest GT’s on the Tropical Star this week, but Eric and Allan did really well for first-time GT anglers and were looking like regulars by the end of the trip.

Tackle Used
Popping Rods: Saltywater Racepoint, Tenryu, Daiwa
Popping Lures: Kokari, Heru

Jigging Rods: Shimano Grappler, Jigwrex, Saltywater Tackle OBX 300
Jigging Reels: Shimano Stella, Saragosa
Jigs: Seven Seas, Shout

Species Caught: Giant Trevally, Dogtooth Tuna, Bohar Snapper, Green Jobfish, Barracuda, Coronation Trout

Till our next report,
Tight lines,
Team GFA


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