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Daniel, Jos, Eric and Ingrid in Kirinda

Daniel, Jos, Eric and Ingrid in Kirinda

Daniel, Jos, Eric and Ingrid had travelled from India for a few days holiday in Sri Lanka and combined this with two days fishing in Kirinda.

None of the four anglers had fished for GT before and they were in for a big surprise.

Day 1

The fishing had been a bit slow during the last few days with no wind and very clear waters.Trying their best at popping in both, deep spots and shallow waters the GT were reluctant to show up.

Only having two days to fish, can often be a gamble. Although the fishing was hard, the group kept a good spirit and were joyfully joking and laughing all through the day, while making sure not to burn in the hot sun.

The fish were finally found in more colored water resulting in 7 bites with 1 landed GT on popper and 4 Groupers on light jigging for the day.

 Day 2

Thinking about the day before, Fishing guides Anthony and Daniel set out for different waters, in the search of the GT. The tactic proved to be a success with a bite for Eric on his dumbbell popper almost straight away.The day was filled with action in the choppy sea and the sun was shining bright. All the poppers brought on the boat, in all different colors, shapes and sizes seemed to produce, fish after fish.After lunch, Daniel from the group, got an amazing bite from a King Mackerel, flying through the air. Well in the boat after a long fight the fish was estimated to around 15kg.

Exhausted, the group considered heading back at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and ending the day but they were convinced by the crew on board to try one last drift.Agreeing to that they started popping over the reef and within 5 minutes Daniel was in to another big fish.After a hard fight they safely landed a beautiful 30kg GT and all agreed it was time to go home with a total of 22 bites with 11 fish in the boat.

The four fishermen were very pleased with the trip and the discussions have already begun for the future including a trip to Gamefishing Asia’s lure fishing destination at Bolgoda Lake for a new adventure.


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