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Gamefishing Asia™ has been running fishing charters for the discerning angler since 2006. We believe that a fishing charter outfit is only as good as the people who run it. Gamefishing Asia with our team and guides who are dedicated and experienced beyond our operating years is one of the best in Asia. Spectacular locations, well equipped boats, state-of-the-art equipment, delicious food and pleasurable company make your angling holiday with us an experience you will never forget.


To provide our guests with a world class fishing experience offered through our modern fishing lodges, dedicated boats, superb locations, latest tackle & equipment and hospitable service.


To run a fully professional service that meets and exceeds our customer expectations.


To provide a safe environment for all of our clients. All Gamefishing Asia™ staff are fully trained in emergency first response and follow strict safety procedures.


To contribute to society by creating awareness and educating people about the importance of sustainable fishing and protection of the environment.


We promote catch and release, all fish are released except the most palatable one for dinner.


We believe in delivering the trip of a lifetime each and every time.

In an age where there is no shortage of operators willing to run a trip, it is vital that, after choosing the location for your next fishing trip you spend a considerable amount of time deciding which operator should run that trip for you.

Since we first started in 2006, we have built our reputation as a professional, safe and quality fishing charter operator, providing the best services in pristine and stunning locations. We have created globally recognized fishing locations through our professionalism and expertise.


Our team have years of fishing experience. They speak English, have completed graduate school, are trained in First Aid and CPR and are the most experienced guiding team in the country today.

We run all trips ourselves. We are directly responsible for your safety and the completion of your tour, from start to finish. We have our own transport for moving our guides and equipment to ensure we are always on schedule. We work towards reducing the variables that can make or break your trip.



Our boats have been carefully designed and customised to enable you to fish comfortably in all but the worst sea conditions. The boats are built to world class standards, surveyed and licenced, they provide safe, stable and fast platforms to get you to the best spots quickly. Kitted with the latest fishing electronics and safety and communications gear these are serious machines to get you close to that once in a lifetime fish. Catching it is up to you.


The prices of our trips provide value for money returns. They are priced to keep our standards high and your trip, smooth. Cost is usually a deciding factor for many trips. However, for a fishing trip, the deciding factor should be confidence in your operator. We combine high operator confidence with a pricing balanced to give you the trip of a lifetime.



Safety is our primary concern. All staff are trained in emergency first response and we regularly run through emergency scenarios. We have medical kits on each boat and in the unlikely event of an emergency, procedures are in place to get the injured person qualified medical assistance as soon as possible. Strict safety rules are in place that apply right from your arrival, throughout your trip until your departure. All clients are asked to arrive covered by travel/medical insurance for their trip. We will not accept any clients arriving without the correct insurance. Furthermore all guests will sign an Indemnity disclosure waving Gamefishing AsiaTM of any liability due to any accident.


We are always on the lookout for talented people that will help us achieve our vision to provide the best blue water and outdoor experiences. If you like the water and the outdoors, you could be a potential candidate. You would need to be enthusiastic, dedicated, adventurous and willing to lead a life away from home at any of our fantastic destinations. We’re not focused on your qualifications but you must be innovative, have good interpersonal skills and management capabilities that work in exotic locations. To get in touch with us for more details and openings click here



Conserving and respecting the wonderful fishing locations that we operate in is our main objective. We handle all fish very carefully and endorse and practice Catch and Release and the use of Barbless Hooks.

Gamefishing Asia is also working towards:

  • Starting tagging programs for the Giant Trevally (Caranx Ignoblis) in the Indian Sub Continent.
  • Creating and increasing awareness and education in the Indian Sub Continent.
  • Increasing awareness of the need for conservation and management strategy for Giant Trevally in the Indian Ocean.
  • Developing corporate partnerships to facilitate necessary funding for future project/expedition advancement